There has been a magnificent discovery in Bethel, New York at the historic site of the Woodstock music festival in 1969. We have found a time capsule with a treasure trove of items that seem to remarkably symbolize the 1960’s as a whole. The items found in the capsule consist of: a piece of the Berlin wall, an article referencing the end of the Cuban missile crisis, another picture of the JFK assassination, a protest sign from the 1963 March on Washington, and an autographed picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon.

In 1961, millions of people crossed the Berlin wall escaping from the tyrannical oppression of The Soviet Union. This event was probably the biggest symbolism of the fall of communism in history as the Berlin wall was at that time commonly known as the symbol of communism. This event was also a major milestone to the end of the cold war. During the time of the cold war The United State and The Soviet Union kept guns pointed at each other pretty much at all times.

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In 1962, The United States caught The Soviet Union building nuclear installations In Cuba. This event embodied the dangerousness of the nuclear arms race in that it very nearly caused the end of the world. The article title reads, “Khrushehev Offers to Scrap Cuba Bases. ” This event was brought to its heights when Kennedy ordered a blockade of Cuba preventing any ships from coming or leaving the island. The Soviet ships actually closed within miles of the blockade before being ordered to turn around by their president.

Had the Soviets crossed the blockade they would have surely been blown out of the water thus starting a likely nuclear holocaust. The picture found of the 1963 JFK assassination was perfectly intact. It shows JFK riding through the motorcade seconds before the assassination. This event is arguably one of the darkest moments in United States history. To this day this is one of the most controversial topics in American history because of the way he died because the trajectory of the bullets that hit JFK do not line up with where Harry Oswald was located.

Specifically the bullet that hit him from the front. Finally, the moon landing in 1969 is widely regard as not only the greatest accomplishment in United States history but in the history of mankind. The event symbolized the apex of human technology at the time. The iconic images of the landing still resonate in the hearts and minds of many Americans today. This event was another American victory over the Soviet Union as it is widely considered the biggest technology victory in American history. In summary, this capsule was a magnificent find.

The condition of the items found in the capsule were perfectly intact. While the capsule didn’t contain other important events such as the civil rights movement or woman’s rights movement the original owners of the capsule had a great intuition of the ramifications of the events they wanted to leave for those in the future. These events should never be forgotten as they all surely shaped the world we live in today. The 1960’s were very much a time of social revolution and these items embodied that notion.