My presentation topic was "The existence of God, and the problems caused by such a knowledge claim. " I acknowledge that this topic is a very sensitive issue and tried as hard as I possibly can to not to offense any listeners on the spot. My main objective of this presentation is mainly to make other people "think" about existence of God, we surely were born into a society that believes in God, in the existence of the super-natural power etc. When I present this to the audience I urge them to think, why they believe in God? How do they get to know God?

I want them to explore the possibilities of existence of God, how I as empirical atheist perceive the existence of God. By doing so audience would then have a balanced information and way of thinking so they can make their own judgment. I kept my presentation organized, I introduce the topic in detail and provoke the audience, I use a set of logical example as well as getting audience to engage in the presentation by presenting a rather controversial but undeniable that stir up emotion and give an effect such as "Ah, Never thought of it before.

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I have also used example and ask questions to the audience to reinforce my viewpoints. One of my main argument was that we believe in God due to the fact we were born in a country that has strong belief in God, and my evidence is that people from China does not believe in God and the evidence is found inside the room, where I ask several audience that comes from China about their standing in this issue. What are miracles? It is a question that I present to the audience, I argued that it is probably a natural phenomenon that tends to be unexplainable in the old days (due to lack of knowledge).

The proof is that we never seen one at present time despite the fact that we have satellites that roam around Earth constantly. I have presented the presentation in front of ESL students, which tends to not to be able to follow fast speech and use of complex wordings. I therefore have kept my language simple, it has become my disadvantage as I cannot use the exact wording that I wanted to use to give an exact meaning and be persuasive. If was to present it in a different audience in a general public for example.

I will then have to change my whole layout and approach, the language I use and maybe the ideas and the wording as well as controversial ideas will be limited further to ensure that nobody is offended. At the very least I will not name religions and beliefs and present the presentation plainly and clearly with the same intention and ideas that provoke people to re-think about the existence of God. Without knowing that it is my real main objective.