The film 'The Truman Show' is a film based around a reality T. V show. The whole of the film revolves around Truman Burbank and his struggle to overcome the world Christoph has created for him and find the truth about his life. The wind, rain, night, moon, stars and even the sun are all a high-tech special effect. Truman's world looks real and he has no reason to doubt this as he hasn't been outside his world to the real one. However, soon things start to happen which make him start to re-think whether every thing is normal.

There are not very many reasons that he should think his world is a fake; his house is perfect, as are his neighbours, the houses are in straight lines, all the same colour, with the same doors and garden- size, they are a good size and all in perfect condition. The people who live in them, Truman's neighbours, are very pleasant and stereotypical, with annoying sayings and pets, for example his neighbour's dog which jumps on him every morning just as he is going to work. This is the director trying to show that the world is real and not completely perfect.

This serves to make Truman think his world is not a fake. Christoph has created a world so perfect that in the real world everyone dreams of living there and therefore they do not feel as if Truman is a victim, more like the luckiest person alive. This is probably why the actors on the set don't feel sorry for him and don't let emotions show when they are with him. He has a well- paid, easy job which he has no problems with and works as any normal person would in a normal office with other workers. He works behind a desk and has a hidden photo of the woman of his dreams.

There are shops as any town would have and every thing else a town would have, such as police, business men, paramedics and ordinary people. Truman does not see his father as he is lead to believe that he died in the sea, when the young boy was with him. This dramatic effect will move the audience. The sea which his farther died in wasn't real. It was a man- made structure. With Truman believing his farther dead, it is easy to convince him his world is real. The atmosphere on the street is very calm but once in a while something out of the ordinary happens to surprise viewers, for example Truman sees his farther when he is meant to be dead.

There are three thousand cameras hidden all over the village to capture Truman and what he does. He is often caught doing things no one would admit to like talking in the mirror to himself. There are cameras everywhere! Most of them are eye- level and hidden in things such as broaches, brief cases, cars, badges and even vending machines. The cameras go close- up to show Truman's emotion, Christoph also controls the weather and lighting to show how Truman is feeling. Music is also used to enhance dramatic moments. The sky-line is made of wood and painted blue.

Eventually Truman reaches this in a boat after almost being killed by a storm caused by Christoph to stop him from leaving. There are many props all over the set to make things look like real- life. The things that people carry round are briefcases, keys and often the props have been brought on the set to advertise things. Truman's wife often does this, as does his friend with beer. The actors wear costumes given to them to wear. Most of there clothes look fairly smart from the 1940's. Truman however can decide what he wears and he normally wears a suit with a plain tie.

The Truman show is very much like reality TV shows but the people in reality TV know it is happening and can give a fake representation of themselves. However Truman cannot do as people watch what he is doing all the time, unbeknown to him, unlike reality television shows where incidents can be cut and you don't necessarily get the full story. I conclude that Truman's life is made to look real by the clever thinking of the director and how he uses the actors, special effects, technology and the effective story writing.