San Pablo, a picturesque and progressive city in Southeastern Luzon, is sometimes know as the city of seven lakes. All the seven lakes are rich with tales about their respective origin. A favorite story is thatof Sampaloc Lake - the largest and most beautiful of the seven lakes. Once upon a time there lives in the northern side of San pablo a well-to-do but childless couple. Theyhas a large garden of tamarind (sampaloc in Tagalog) trees which bore the sweetest fruits in all theland. many people from far and wide heard of the tamarind trees.

And many of them wanted to tastethe sweet tamarind fruits. The couple felt very proud of their rich possession. They built a fence around their yard so that nostrangers would pic any of the tamarond fruits. Just to make sure no one could enter their yard, theyplaced a big watchdog to guard it. God wanted to test the hospotality of the couple. And so, one day a fairy, disguised as an old beggarbent and wrinkled by age, approached the couple's garden and begged for some fruit. "Please give me some tamarind fruit. I am hungry! " The old woman pleaded.

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The couple did not even look at the old woman. "Begone! We don't want to give any of our tamarind fruit away! " replied the couple angrily. "Please, I am so hungry, and a fruit or two will satisfy me," the old beggar insisted. "I know yourtamarind trees are laden with most delicious fruits. "Then, without further ado, the old woman came near one of the large trees. She stretched out herwrinkled, skinny hand to pluck a curly thick pod hanging from one of the lower branches. Upon seeing what the old beggar had done, the couple grew angry.

They became so angry that theyhurried back to their house, let their dog loose, and set it on the poor woman. Alas, the poor oldwoman was badly bitten. Patiently, the old woman bore her pain. But before turning away from the inhospitable spot, shetouched the tamarind tree and, looking at the couple, said, "You shall be punished for yourselfishness. " Then she went slowly on her way. Even before the woman was out of sight, the sky became overcast. In a short while a terrible stormbroke out, and heavy rain fell through the night.

The following morning all was peaceful. The man and his wife went out for the daily round as usual. They had hardly taken a few steps when, to their surprise, instead of the tall green tamarind trees,there stretched before their unbelieving eyes a vast expanse of water shining in the morning sun. Still unconvinced about what had happened, the couple went forward up to the bank of what nowappeared to be a natural lake. And wonder of wonders, they saw through the transparent water thedark amass o tamarind trees still rooted to the sunken ground!