The Author of this essay examines his own Johari window developed from feedback from professional colleagues. From that feedback he reviews these findings as they relate to his relationships and career choices. Additionally the subject of the assessments completed correlates his findings that contribute to the success in the organization in developing one’s own personal skills and the relationship of leading employees. The author’s self assessment findings are summarized and the assessment results are illustrated in the essay appendices.

Leadership Capabilities and Organizational Behavior Understanding yourself is key component in considering your professional career choices and organizational fit in progressive companies today. Having a baseline awareness of your personality characteristics and how those characteristics play a role in organizational behaviors is essential to a successful career in the modern workplaces or fast paced business cultures of corporate America. Dramatic changes are affecting the world of work.

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Examples include increased global competition, the impact of information technology, the re-engineering of business processes, smaller companies that employ fewer people, the shift from making a product to providing a service, and the growing disappearance of "the job" as a fixed bundle of tasks. (Cascio, Wayne F. 2005) Many organizations have adopted practices; policies, procedures, and culture that emphasize teamwork and collaboration across work groups. These efforts are producing a redefinition of work itself and the type of employees organizations are recruiting and developing to maintain competitiveness and profitability.

The author of this essay developed a set of assessments to understand the personal behavioral and personality traits to analyze the effectiveness and adaptation process into the various dynamics of organizational behavior. From the collective assessments it has been affirmed that the career choice and organization fits have been complimentary in the author’s professional growth and development in his current job fit and organizational structure. Over the nineteen years of employment in the same company the subject has grown and evolved alongside the organizational changes in his company.

Those changes included mergers and acquisitions, cultural integration of those merged organizations, technology and product changes, globalization, and strategic vision. However, the constant in all the changes experienced was a fundamental core value of why the organization exists. Two building blocks of that core value is the importance of the customer focus and developing people in the organization. Verizon, the employer of our assessment subject, credo states “We have work because our customers value our high-quality communications services...

We embrace diversity and personal development not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s smart business. ” Additional self examination had been completed by the author of this essay to understand him and the perceptions of others by utilizing the Johari Window assessment model. (Armstrong, T. 2006). The Johari model utilizes self disclosure and feedback from others to better communicate and influence others in the organization.

The Johari Window is essentially a window to one’s awareness of oneself in terms of personality trait expression and serves as a useful tool in understanding how information is given and received in relationships. The goal of the model is to simply help people understand themselves and others; and through mutual understanding, optimize productivity within the working place. The authors’ Johari window is displayed in appendix A. By explaining the idea of the Johari Window, you can help team members to understand the value of self-disclosure, and you can encourage them to give, and accept, constructive feedback.

Done sensitively, this can help people build better, more trusting relationships with one another, solve issues, and work more effectively as a team. The assessment results detailed in appendix B provide the results that led to this affirmation that he had made good career choices and has progressed effectively with the corporate culture of Verizon. The additional finding was the leadership style assessment and the tendency to lead as a transformational leader. Transformational leadership style is an inspirational way through which one can motivate and use motivation thinking ability.

The transformation leader is ethical and involves a leader’s ability to promote intellectual stimulation through inspiration. (Choudhary, A. , Akhtar, S. , & Zaheer, A. 2013) The key characteristics of transformational leadership compliment an effective employee engagement model that is valued in the Verizon culture. The six key attributes of the employee engagement model that Verizon has adopted are caring competent and engaged leaders, leadership that keeps employees aligned, effective teamwork, job enrichment and professional growth, value employee contribution, as well as concern for employee well being.

(Branham, L. , & Hirschfield, M. 2010). These fundamental believes have been held over the nineteen years of employment of the assessment subject of this essay. These unwavering cultural values had allowed for an effective symbiotic growth and alignment of the personality traits identified through the various assessment tools of the assessment subject.