Every successful person in the world has one thing in common between them; they can speak with confidence in front of a group whether it’s small or large group. They use the simple words that carry out the messages they wanted to give us so that they are heard, understood and acted upon. For the typical human being, get up to the front and speak can make you feel your tie or your scarf tightened up and make you harder to breath and your hand starts shaking. That is the time when you think that your brain have stop working.

Giving a speech can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences known to man and writing one can be just as difficult. So many potential have no guts to stand up and speak facing the audiences. But that is not the end of the world. The stage fright also can be relieved when you know the technique that should be used in delivering speech. The importance of public speaking to the society at large is numerous. Public speaking require some skills to make it effective to the public. The message that you want to deliver to the public have to be clear and easy to understand.

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That seems so easy actually if you master the skills of public speaking. Besides you master the skills you also have to do some homework regarding to the audiences that you want to deliver the speech. The techique of delivering speech in effective ways can be learned by tresearch or reading or any method that you want to use. Depends on you, on how you want to improve your skills. From the other sources that i have discovered through my reading these days, the most important thing to do is to prepare your speech first so that you will stay on the right track till the end of your speech.

The importance of public speaking to the society can be determined as it leads to better ideas and perception. When you gives out your speech or your thoughts it automatically give the audiences new information and new ideas on your topic that you deliver. For example, our previous prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, when does he gave out his speech people will start thinking about the topic that he talk, when people starts thinking about the topic surely they will give out their opinion through the medium that they chose.

That is why people respect him though he was no longer our prime minister. The effectiveness in his way of delivering speech make him respectable in our society. People starts to voice out their own thought through his speech and through his public speaking. Public speaking make the society have better ideas and perception. Public speaking regularly helps to make you more comfortable around other people, including strangers. Most of the people actually will feel a bit akward when they have to sit in the room with some strangers and feel more akward when they have to speak in front of the strangers.

So public speaking have to be practiced regularly so that you can make yourself comfortable no matter wherever you go. Effective public speaking skills have many direct benefits for the individual speaker, including influencing the world around you, developing leadership skills, and becoming a go-to person for ideas and solutions. When you develop yourself very well so you can be such a reliable person in the public. Your words can be a meaningful sentence in the community.

For example the words of our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad become words follow up all Malaysians because the message he delivered in full confidence and vigor that makes every word he uttered as a whole believed by every citizen, but he also is a leader respected by society at all ages around the world. So no wonder that he speak in front of the people with confidence because his audience adored him. Besides the importance of public speaking in the society is the good public speakers acted as the persuasive to the public. Good public speakers will use public speaking to attract their audience to the info that he wants them to believe.

As example for example, representatives of the elected representatives to use public speaking as a medium to persuade the public to vote for them during elections program runs. They will begin to present their manifesto to the public so that the public be enticed and intrigued by their manifesto and promises great pleasure to local people. Caused manifesto and convincing manner of service, most of the elected representatives of the Assembly win as they compete. Manifesto whether exercised or not depends on the representatives concerned.

Like most people say to earn the trust of people is relatively easy, to destroy the faith of our people, also easy but to maintain it is very difficult. Public speaking also can be used as entertainment. Most people also use public speaking as their medium for entertainment. Entertainment is meant here is not entertainment like singing or dancing but in terms of entertainment presented argument that has elements of comedy that should make people laugh. For example, the famous comedians make comedy homeland using public speaking skills in addition aided by props used to revive their buffoonery.

Entertained the audience with what they have to show off. Astro Warna has held Maharaja Lawak Mega draft that most comedians they have to make a comedy with no formal public speaking and comfort crowd. It is an example where public speaking may be a medium of entertainment for the public. Public speaking improves your and the society communication skills. Through public speaking you have to learn how to be a good listener, how to use the correct word to the correct audience how to develop inner confidence, how to make sure people will never stop listen to you and how do people concentrate and understands your words.

That is the criteria that you have to master in communication. Communication is the important element in life. Without communication or without proper communication you will not stay connected to the world. Without communication how will you survive in this world? Communication by the way is the most important thing in life. What I’ve been said through this is effective communication skills make you such a reliable person and make you such a great person though you are not known in the world but sure all your friends, family, colleague, and people around you will respect and love you.

It’s all about the communication and your ability in public speaking, whether you are an audience or you are the speakers. Public speaking helps to improve interpersonal skills and relationships. Interpersonal skills can make you comfort with other people, though that is your first time meeting those people. For example, when you went to your friend’s party or some small celebration, you meet some strangers that you even don’t know how your friend gets to know them.

Then one of the girl or boys from the crowd easily starts her conversation, greet people well, carry people around and make new friends, indirectly you will feel comfortable and like the person. Interpersonal skills required for making new friends and make your life more colorful. When you have interpersonal skills among society you will become more confidence if you have to do public speaking. No doubt again through this issue. Public speaking also makes you as the inspirations to the people around you. Though you have stage fright it will make you become more alert, more entertain, more animated and vibrant.

That makes you some icon to the audience. For me the person who was brave enough to stand up in the stage and give speech about what ever topic that person should be given recognition and honor on the courage he delivered a speech. That is not an easy task to recover stage fright. I know this because I am also one of the people who have chronic stage fright. So those people that ever give out speech at the stage can be the person that inspired others. No matter who it was, he can be the inspirations to the others. Public speaking also can act as a medium of delivering propaganda.

Preaching the religion delivered through a more effective way. Through public speaking, preachers need to know which groups should be emphasized. So missionaries need to do a bit of research on the group. Missionary often presented in a way that comedy is more effective and close to the audience, as opposed to a serious way. As example Ustaz Azhar Idrus have so many followers behind him, though he speaks with his own dialect yet still he has so many followers. That is because the way he gave out his preach, he syringe with comedy and satire that makes people listen afterthought.

Public speaking is so important not only to the individual as well as the society. Public speaking helps lead to better image and perception. When does people speak and give some point to the people about what is going around in the world people will get the better image about the thing and better perception than what they thought is going around in the real world. Such things are usually done by a representative of the people who have been entrusted by the people to communicate through public speaking.

Public speaking generally able to change the mindset and the mindset of a society has allowed what was presented to them. If the information communicated to them one so they would remain in the dark and if the information presented is good then people will be more open and be accepted all the changes. As conclusion public speaking is important to all people whether it’s individual or in society. It gives many benefits to all the people. Words have powers. So you have to build your courage to speak in front of the people so you can feel it by yourself how great it is to speak in front of the people.