In the novel, The Help, Kathryn Stockett places readers back into the era of the Civil Rights Movement. Stockett give readers a viewpoint of a young, unmarried white woman named Skeeter. Skeeter has recently moved back in with her ill mother and her father in Jackson, Mississippi; while living with her parents Skeeter struggles to find a job. Not only can Skeeter not find a job, but her mother is pressuring her to find a wealthy husband and create a family of her own.

As a young child Skeeter found trust in only one person her maid, Constatine, but mysteriously Constatine disappears while Skeeter is away at college and no one seems to know where she is when Skeeter asks. Stockett also provides the viewpoint of the colored help in Jackson. The two main colored women Stockett focuses on are Aibileen and Minny. Aibileen, a hard working woman and survivor of a deceased son works for the Leefolts’ looking after their toddler Mae Mobley. Minny, Aibileen’s best friend, is also hard working woman and one of the best known cooks living in Jackson, she worked for Ms.

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Hilly until she is fired her and rumors are spread throughout town which prevent Minny from getting a job, but Minny has a special surprise for Ms. Hilly. Readers praise Skeeter when she asks for Aibileen’s help in writing a book for an editor in New York about what life is like to be a member of the help. At first Aibileen skeptical on helping Skeeter with her book, but then she gets a change of heart. As the story progresses more and more maids come forward to tell their stories.

Stockett captured the reader’s attention with Skeeter’s perspectives from different maids into a book after publishing the risky book it becomes a hit within Jackson. Stockett comes off kind of dull in the beginning of the novel and starts off slow within the first two chapters, but she quickly pulls readers back in with very detailed words giving a mind blowing picture of what is happening within this chaotic era. If anything the only thing Stockett did not hit was capturing readers very early on, but she still reeled them back in anticipating the next page.

Most people will praise Skeeter for being a down to earth woman who could care less for race and stuck up for equality for the colored help in Jackson, Mississippi. Ms. Hilly takes on the persona of the evil, racist white lady who is the ladies club. Mrs. Foote is an outcast of the group of women because of previous issues with Ms. Hilly which makes all the other ladies shun Mrs. Foote. Unintentionally Mrs. Foote makes the situation between her and Ms. Hilly even worse. The Help is a truly amazing story that will have you getting paper cuts from flipping the pages. It is a must have book to be in your collection of heartfelt stories.