My fellow classmates over the years we have laughed, studied, argued and learned together but now I say we have come to the end of our journey in middle school. We have grown closer than just a group some are now like family. Looking back on years past we should remember fondness and smiles. It has been a long time coming for us to take the next step into high school. Today as we leave middle school and enter a new and exciting environment we all remember something special that made us who we are today.

Some of us will go one way, and others another, but at the end of the journey we will always have the memories of here, of this school, the memories of our panda pride and traditions. Through fun and games we've had it’s hard to believe that we have learned so much over the years. Well for one thing it’s don’t skip class in the bathroom that’s for sure! It is important that us as young adults realize that this isn't the end but only the Meir beginning.

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From here on out what you do will impact your future greatly. Showing great ambition and pursuing all goals plays a great deal in our lifetime. Ms. Willams, Mrs. Cosner, Mrs. Glenn and Mrs. Mickalockis I want to thank you for planting seeds within us to prepare us for our futures. As we transition to high school we must focus on cherishing the time we have there we all have very bright futures ahead of us but what you make it means the most. I truly will miss each and every one of you!