The Cypress-fairbank Independent school(CFISD) is often reffered to as the Cy-Fair is a school district in the northwest Haris County,Texas and The United States. This name was created by a merger between the Cypress school District and the Fairbank school District.(

The school is recorded to be covering a portion of Houston which includes the Fairbank section, it also covers the city of Jersey Village . Cpress-Fairbank Independent school also covers other unincorporated areas in the Harris County. This covers a total of 188 squire miles.

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From statistics it is recorded that by the year 2006-007 achool year the distrct was the tird largest in Texas with over seventy campuses, over 10,000 employees and about 92,0000 students (

My choice for  Cypress-Fairbank Independent School is because of the variety of programs that they offer and their well structured academic callendar that accomodates people during all the seasons.(

The school also has managed to install and operate the PIV grades online. Ths is a step ahead of other schools as it alows one to have or rather to learn anywhere and get the saame quality education.(

Cypress-fairbank Independent school(CFISD)  my best choice of school since the number of campuses  are many and therefat is efficient for learningore it allowa one to select the best place that would be very much convenient and cheap, this is another good plan.

The spotting as athletics within the schols program is another good plan that has enabled me to love this school, the school academic callenbdar allows good  time for some extracuriculum activties and with the variety of books in he library, it gives one a big range to operate from.(

The  library assistants and also have been very nuch helpfull and are helping the students by drawing for them a reading list. Like now they have drawn for them the summer reading list, this is a good step.(

The old students have allso not been let out from brnrfiting from their former school. The school designed the super senior cards to farci;itate the super seniour program. This program is designed to reach, seniour residents by offering for them  free admission to any CFID athletics and fine arts vent and acce the library  free.(