Cultivated music is type of music that is imported to another place or country, whereas Vernacular music is type of music that originally comes from the country. Then, vultivated music in America means that music from other countries that are brought to America.

For example: Opera. Opera is a music that originally from Italy. If it is brought to America, it becomes cultivated music in America. In other hand, vernacular music in America is music that is originally from America which is Jazz. According to Christopher Wilkinson, Jazz is a creation of African - American culture which emerged from American musical traditions around the beginning of twentieth century. Characteristics of Jazz music are improvised, rhythmic complexity and related to dance. There are period Jazz as functionality which is for dance and period Jazz as quasi art which is to be listened rather than to be enjoyed. Although Jazz music emerged around beginning of twentieth century, there was a long process from long time ago. The history of jazz started in 1619 when African were being forced to come to US (West Virginia) for slavery.

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Here, we are talking about the Diaspora African (African that went to US, but still taking their own African culture, styles, and songs) and specifically West Africa, Angola. The African brought various of traditions to America because African music was formed from numerous ethnic group that often being associated with daily activity and dance. Something that was interesting, European also came to US (also West Virginia) in 1607. European and African came to American almost at the same time and settled there for a long time. Both of them gave a big contribution to America.

Christopher Wilkinson and William Haller said that there were fusion between European and African traditions. It was proven by some similarities that were founded in both system which using of figure bass. Also, both had a same function – dance. Then, the various styles of Diaspora Africa mixed with blues and ragtime later on being developed became Jazz. This blues style was used by African people to expressed their misery that were being slaved in America. The result of blending African cultures and some European elements formed into Jazz that was enjoyed by all American race, exported to other countries and interested by others.

However from 1619 till before the civil war, Jazz music was not allowed to publish. Finally around 1860, from the impact of civil war, African – American started to get freedom. The first Jazz was at New Orleans, Louisiana. In conclusion, there are cultivated music and vernacular music in America. Cultivated music is any kind of music outside American originally music that is brought to America. While Jazz is the vernacular or original music in America that rooted from the Diaspora African music, cultures, their expression of being slaved and European people that also came in the same time as African people.