When you are running behind schedule and don’t have time to cook a person can always go through the drive through window and order a quick meal on the go. Fast foods are convenient and we pay for what we get. Two of the most popular fast food restaurants are McDonalds and Burger King both are primarily based in the United States. After visiting the two chains there are differences between the two chains. There are many differences in the two organizations. For instance the way orders are taken. In McDonalds, the order is taken by an employee, and the same employee serves the food.

In Burger King, the order is taken at one place and the food is served at another. Meaning the same person that takes the order in Burger King is not the same person who serves the order. The strategy the two chains use is different. Food purchased at McDonalds is made in mass production. The burgers have already been made and not made when you order it. McDonalds uses the make to stock strategy where the burgers are made and put into inventory before the order is received from the customer. The finished product goes into the inventory or what is called “the bin”. Have it your way” is the slogan Burger King uses. They use and assemble to order option where choices exist. Burger King uses what is called the steam table where they receive and put the burger together according to the customer’s order. How are the hamburgers cooked? Another difference in the two chains is how the hamburgers are cooked. Burger King flame-broils their burgers giving the taste of outdoor barbequing. Burger King uses a machine called the Continuous Chain Broiler to cook their burgers. This machine requires no human intervention.

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The broiler can cook eight burgers at a time. The burgers are placed at one end of the chain and after eighty seconds they come out of the other end. McDonalds fry their burgers on a flat grill so it tastes more like indoor cooking. The burgers are placed on the grill, twelve at a time and have to have human intervention to turn and pull the burgers. How are the hamburgers assembled? When the burgers are done cooking at McDonalds the patties are taken off the grill. The buns are placed into a toaster for 8 seconds.

Depending on the burger the cook will squirt ketchup, mustard, place a pinch of onions, some pickles, and a piece of meat. When the burgers are done cooking at Burger King the burgers are topped with pickles, ketchup and mustard with a sesame seed bun. Microwave ovens are not used in the cooking process at either chain. The microwave is used at Burger King to melt the cheese for the burgers and a heat lamp is used to keep the burgers warm at McDonalds. How are other common items such as French fries and drinks handled?

The fries and drinks at both chains are handled relatively the same. The fries are cooked in deep fryers at both chains and when done are salted. Drinks are handled by placing the cup under the nozzle of what is ordered and an automatic button is pushed and the drinks come out. It is safe to say that these two organizations have the market on hamburgers. When it comes down to it, it is about personal preference and taste. While McDonalds appeals more to kids tastes others will say the flame broiled appeals more to adults. What ever the choice, there is something for everyone.