The Boy Who Painted Christ Black written and based on short story by John Henrik Clark, directed by Bill Duke. George Du Vaul played by Wesley Snipes, Elna Du Vaul played by Jasmine Guy, Professor Daniel played by Timothy Carhart, Aaron played by Norman D Golden II, Lara played by Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly, and Miss Williams played by Vanessa Bell Callaway. This story is set in Georgia 1948, it’s about prejduce doing the right thing and self-esteem.How a painting caused such an uproar.

George Du Vaul is the principal of Booker T. Washington school which is for colored-only school. When State Supervisor Daniels comes to the school and tells them that the students will participate in the “Pride Day”. Du Vaul, who has won the praise of his white supervisor for keeping his students well behaved and in their place. He’s about to get a promotion, until Dainels sees the painting an is outraged, and Du Vaul is confronted with losing the promotion unless he gets rid of the painting.

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Aaron gifts his teacher a painting for her birthday, a picture of Christ painted black. Ms. Williams had Aaron tell the class how he came to paint the picture. He tells them that his uncle who teaches Negro History was telling him about all the great black folks that had made history. And he said black folks were once powerful people on earth, and then he asked about Jesus, he said no one ever proved whether he was black or white. Somehow a feeling came over him that he was black, cause he was kind and forgiving, than any white folks had been.

So when he painted his picture he painted as he thought it was. Miss Williams takes the painting the the principal’s office. When Mr. Du Vaul and Professor Daniels goes to his office and tells him about a job promotion and sees the painting he tells Du Vaul to take care of that painting, that it was sacrilegious, and ask the principal if that’s what he’s been teaching the students things like that. Du Vaul is confronted with destroying the boy and his own pride and self estem.

Mrs. Du Vaul encourage him to do the right thing and not enter the painting. Because she doesn’t want to struggle any more. But on the day of the assembly he chose not one paintings but two. Aaron’s painting also. This movie shows how prejudice dectates your lives. It shows how a man and a boy stood up for what they believed in. That showing that your pride and self esteem comes first. He chose what was right and in the end came to live with the outcome.