What happens when Hollywood pairs one of its then hot male stars, with one of its still hot pop divas, who are hoping to cash in on the "hot" soundtrack as well as that of the box office? This odd combination sometimes can end as a complete disaster, just like the film I reviewed. The bodyguard is a great silly mess of a love story. This movie is a romance, action and thriller all rolled into one. I don't mean to be blunt, but this genre is not my one of my favourite types. And why did Mick Jackson, the director have the ingenious idea to include Whitney Houston in the cast?

Actually, Whitney Houston was not the lead female in mind. Mick Jackson based the plot of this film on the script by Lawrence Kasdan. It was originally wrote 1975 with stars like Steve Mc Queen and Diana Ross in mind.

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It was Whitney Houston's acting debut and she played (wait for it!) ... a singer: Rachel Marron. Ms. Marron has been receiving death threats from an unknown maniac, who has broken into her house and left a little part of himself on her bed.

That's where Kevin Costner (Frank Farmer) comes in. He's a retired bodyguard who has always blamed himself for not being there there to prevent Regan being shot, despite the fact that it was his day off. He is now decided to go into the private sector and his new client is Rachel Marron.

Of course Rachel (Whitney) and Frank (Kevin) fall instantly and hopelessly in love, but you wouldn't know it by watching the movie. However, don't let this put you off watching the bodyguard.

Even though the movie itself has some extreme bad points, (e.g. the sword scene in the bedroom) although it does have a few good points. The film shows what happens when two individuals from very different social and racial worlds, cross over into each other's private lives. The movie conveys how our lives can be throttled by the emotions of fear and desire.

In one scene, the 'superstars' son asks the bodyguard what he fears most; he answers "I'm afraid of not being there." This is a common worry, familiar to most of us as the yearning for someone to watch over us, so we don't have to be afraid. This movie touches those kinds of primal feelings. It also leaves us with a spooky respect for the bodyguard who, as a modern day knight, is willing to lay down his life for the woman he has pledged to protect.

The actual scene where he protects her is when she is collecting an Oscar. He spots the maniac, leaps in front of her and then he gets shot. This is the most dramatic part of the film.

It is quite a coincidence to show Whitney's character getting an Oscar, just when the Oscar nominees were going to be announced. Maybe the director, Mick Jackson was hoping this pop diva would get the most prestigious award possible for his movie.

Mick Jackson used many varied locations in this epic. They helped to contribute to the one of most hyped films of the nineties, but now it is just one of those films you love to hate.

No matter how much you hate it, you still watch it numerous times. It probably has something to do with the mesmerising soundtrack. The soundtrack has emotional value and emphasises key moments in the film. You will need to be a fan of Whitney Houston to enjoy the film, as she performs most of the soundtrack. To be honest Whitney's singing over rules the film. Her singing is so much better than her acting. No wonder, I have seen her in any films to date.

I personally think that this movie didn't deserve an Oscar, thankfully it did not get one. I think the film is fine, if you like this type of genre, but the scene with the sword is just plain stupid. Overall I would not urinate on this film, if it was on fire and that is just putting it lightly. And IIIIIIIIIII... will always hate this movie!