Everyone wants to be treated equally, no one wants to feel bad about themselves. This includes the women, they want to be treated the same like how the men are treated. In the olden days, women was not allowed to do anything, they have to be in full control of their husbands. That is why the women tried and fight very hard so they could receive the same treatment as the men, and they could do anything else. This fight has been occurring ever since, and the women joined the fight are called feminist.

Who are feminists really? The definition of feminists is "They are people who support the equality of women and men" (wiktionary). That's it? I don't think this applies to today's feminists. Nowadays, fewer women want to claim themselves as a feminist, there must be a reason why. When I picture feminists, I would see them as women rebels who are having a strike in front of parliament. They dress unattractively, very plain and it seems like they really don't care about their looks. I also see them as annoying, as often the cause that they are fighting for were silly, over exaggerated.

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They are starting to lose the meaning of gender equality. In addition, most feminists now seemed like they have two faces. Basically, my views for the feminists I see nowadays are mostly negative. When I compare them to the feminists in the olden days, they are so much different. I used to have a big respect towards feminists, but now. The bad images of feminists now is certainly the reason why the number of women that wants to be a feminist decreases. As certainly the actions of the current feminists tends to upset a lot of people, men and women.

I really wish that the feminists nowadays would just stop making fools out of themselves and enjoy life as it is. Personally, I think feminism is necessary in the olden days where women are strongly restricted to almost everything but not these days. The feminists nowadays should enjoy what the past feminists have given us. Some women just don't agree with the feminism views, let's take the Christians for example. They believes that the man and the woman operates and thinks differently, which is why they don't believe in equality (Got Questions. org).

The feminist's ways of thinking has made it hard for a lot of women to decide whether they are a feminist or not. To elaborate this further, think of a scenario where a man and a woman was on their first date, and they were arguing on who is going to pay for the bill. The man wants to pay because he thought that it was his duty, as he wants to be a gentleman. On the other hand, the woman wanted to pay because she wants to show her independence. Does this make the woman a feminist? She wants to show that the men and women have equal powers, and this does show a characteristic of a feminist.

However the women agreed to go on a date which means that she is looking for a relationship with a man, and according to most feminists, wanting a relationship with men does not support the feminism views (Patai). Feminists have made the responsibility to be a feminist really high which makes people wonder on their selves. When people are asked a question "Are you a feminist? " most of them would give a straight no, or yes but some would be giving a middle answer, "I do believe that women should have rights, and I do love women, but maybe I think I'm not a feminist" (Youtube).

Isn't believing in gender equality means that you are a feminist? But why did she say she's not a feminist? Feminists want women to be very independent until the point that they would not need men anymore in any part of their live. One of the big issues that the feminists have towards women's independence is marriage. One of the facts about life is that most women would have wanted to have a family in a point of their life. This means that they want to find the right guy, get married, have children, and be the best mothers they could be.

Feminism has made this a controversial issue, they claimed that wanting and reaching those goals would basically means that they had agreed to the put down of women. This is another reason why women started to refuse on being called feminist. "I personally, want to be a housewife but because of those darn feminists I am now put down because when I have children I will be a stay at home mum. "(Yahoo answers) This is a response from a woman who was asked about her opinion towards feminism.

The preferred feminist solution to raise a child is to be a liberated mother, which means they should drop their baby in a day care center for about 50 hours per week. Not every woman wants their own baby to be taken care by others (Harper). To raise your own baby is a part of motherhood. Like how my house mother said, "There is nothing better than to see your child grows before your own eyes" (Bakers). Based on an American demographic study, most parents believed that there must be at least one parent who stays home with the children.

Most of the cases, the parent who stayed home is the mothers. However, in majority of the cases, this seems to be the decision of the women (Fisanick). Many women believe that there is a stronger bond between mother and child rather than father and child, especially in the early years of the child. They would prefer motherhood more than their job and this is a fact that feminists have trouble believing. Feminists thinks that when the mother decided to quit her job for her baby, and the father is the one who keeps his job, it seems to be degrading for the women.

A job is just a job, when a woman loses a job, they can find another one. However, when they lose a child, it will be unbearable. Being a feminist nowadays tends to bring disadvantaged to the person as because feminists do have a lot of negative views. One of them is that they are potrayed as an ugly woman. A writer in Oprah's website Karen Salmansonh said that "To be a feminist started to mean a woman who's basically unattractive both in looks and spirit" (Oprah). A lot of people see feminist as angry man-hating women, "They are women who empowers themselves but tend to overbear" (Oprah).

A professor, who is teaching the woman studies class in the University of Chicago, mentioned that feminists are hypocrite, two-faces women, that has gone overboard (Psychology Today). They claimed themselves as fighters for equality, but they themselves have been very harsh to the men. Let's take an example from a quote written by Valerie Solanas (a well-known American feminist), "The male is a biological accident: the Y (male) gene is an incomplete X (female) gene, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage.

To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples" (Generation Terrorists). From the responses I found for this quote, there are a lot of upset men. This is clearly a very offensive insult, if I was a man and I heard a woman said that to me, I'll see it as a declaration of war. Another example to prove that feminists are actually really going overboard is when Oprah announced that she was supporting Barrack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton, the feminists went outrage to her.

They tried to dictate Oprah's choice by accusing her as racist. She chose her own race rather than her gender. She spoiled the chance of America having a woman as a President. These feminists clearly wanted Hillary Clinton to be a President just because of her gender, not her qualifications. Which is very dumb remembering that they are suppose to chose the best candidate to run their country. I hope that I have established a clear reasoning on why women nowadays tend to refuse to call herself as a feminist.

It must be acknowledge that I am not saying that feminism is a bad thing, or a feminist is a bad person. Feminism had surely brought a lot of advantages for the women in the World. Due to them, now women can receive good education, a voice to vote, and so many more. However, feminists now are getting too far from their main goal of eliminating gender inequality. That is why; I think the feminists should stop doing what they are doing as it is hurting both themselves and others. Most feminists have certainly hurts feelings of others, especially the men as they are really put down.

This might lead with the men fighting back as they have grew a lot of anger, and this could definitely damage the power and privileges that women has in this modern life. Also, the chance of feminism diminishing, disappeared, and finish is very high as quite a lot of women are tired of watching the unintelligent actions that the feminists has done. This means less women would even want to take feminism as an important issue anymore. If the feminists these days do not stop of going to far with their actions or their words, one of these consequences will start to happen.