Education is a never-ending learning process that has always been a part of our life. Nowadays, we are willing to invest deeply into our education. Looking at the trend recently , going overseas for a university education excites lots of people. Thus, although some people oppose that teenager should study locally than abroad, I still believe that studying abroad is a better choice. First, Opponents of studying locally said that studying in local universities can save the cost compared to studying in universities abroad. However, this is inconclusive.

Despite the fact that studying abroad is often expensive and We have to pay not only for our school fees but also for our living cost, if they get a part-time job, they can afford a part of cost for daily life, because the pay in developed countries is more than in ours. Opponents also maintain that people will have family and relatives support if necessary when studying locally. They say that if they are in emergency cases, they can go home immediately and parent are always beside to help them. However, if so, students will not learn to live without depending on anyone else, so they can never stand on their own feet.

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The final argument advanced by opponents is that studying locally , students don’t have to face with culture shock. I partly agree with them. Adapting to a new environment is a real challenge for every foreign student. While changing the weather can affect our health , different cultures and customs may influence our mind and make us become less confident. However, I think culture shock is a hard but not bad experience for the student. They also can learn about the new culture of the new country, which sounds very interesting and will help us a lot in the life. Therefore, I think the arguments are not persuasive.

On the contrary, many people studying overseas say that this provides a better leaning environment. First, it is an optimal way for us to improve our language. I think nothing is better than to learn language with the native speakers. Because we can practise with the local people what we study at school, so it is very useful to improve our listening and speaking skills. Students will be more confident to communicate with other people from different countries. Second, It also offer chances to discover the new cultures,way of thinking,history,customs and lifestyles.

Students could have opportunity to interact with many people from different cultures and learn about the unique in theirs on what they wear, what they eat… Finally, it will help them to make more independent. They will have to live away from their family, so they can learn how to solve the problems in the daily life on their own. It is necessary for them to live well in the future. In conclusion, in my opinion, studying abroad offers great opportunities for a better future. So, If you have a chance, you should take that to study abroad.