A lot of famous people start from scratch and work hard to become well-known and highly appreciated and inspiring role models to look up to in life. Even if we don't consider them role models; they can still make an essential value in our life. Especially that nowadays we cannot live without luxuries, and electronic devices have become an addiction to almost the whole world.

Steve jobs, a great man who has a great role in moving smart phone to a new era by inventing iphone, a smart phone from a completely new kind. e also invented ipad, a new kind of tablet computer, which was a tough act to follow. Steve Jobs introduced iPhone at first to the world. It blew away their minds. Everyone wants to buy it—despite its expensive price--, and every rival phone or computer company want to create products that are as big as apple's. Now that apple products are everywhere, people are no longer looking at technology as they used to, that is, apple's products have made people not easy to be impressed.

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But, of course, they always get their hopes up to just sit there and spend money on modern smart phones that makes their life easier and more interesting than it used to be. For instance, they can have the whole world in the palm of their hands. That is, apps like the weather app or twitter or whatsoever can decrease the need of the phone user to turn on the TV or buy a newspaper. The ease of usage of apple's smart phone has made them preferred over other phone companies' phones.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs' introduced ipad awhile after introducing iphone—which was created before it but wasn't out to the world until later on. Ipad is a great gadget that can function as pretty much everything; it can be a computer, a cinema, or a library. When it was introduced to the world everybody loved it and wanted to buy one. Also, every rival company wanted to make a Tablet computer that is as good as ipad. So they tried to imitate apple's products with their touch screen.

Ipad has been a great success and still is. It's now all the rage and people would buy any new improved version of it no matter how expensive it is. Steve's products were the first step to a new generation of smart phones. Although he passed away, his influence will remain for a while now—and maybe forever. He is an inspiring figure to many of us due to his dedication and hard work in order to make his dreams come true and do something that he is passionate about and would make a difference in the world.