Through my estimation, because of my passion to attend a four year university, I will be more successful at obtaining an education in my intended area of concentration. In addition, pursuing a career in that concentration, by attending a university versus a community college. State universities are a better education choice than community colleges. At a community college, the highest degree you can obtain is an Associates Degree, or a specific Certificate. Although community colleges are more cost efficient for a good education you must pay the price, and a state university is the way to go.

State universities give you more opportunity for expanding your education and going further in whatever you chose to study in. Through facts it seems that the attraction rate for a student to attend a four year college is far greater than a student wanting to attend a community college. 39% of students at community colleges who intended to pursue bachelor’s degrees left school without completing a degree or certificate program 17% of students at four year public colleges left school without completing a degree.

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In community colleges you’re more limited when it comes to getting any higher degree than an associates, until you chose to transfer to a university. Community colleges also let anyone take any class at the school, where as a state university picks a limited amount of people they would like to represent their school and community. The fact that not just anyone can get into a university means that the classes are less impacted, while at a community college, anyone can sign up for a class you might need that could make a difference in you graduating or being there an extra semester, or even an extra year depending on when it is offered next.

Another pro to going to a university is the real “college experience”, which includes campus housing. Community colleges typically do not offer any sort of official campus housing, which all state universities offer. This can be crucial for someone wanting to experience the true dorm life of college, and living away from home. Most people prefer to go away to college to gain the college experience and to simply know what it is like to live away from home and be on their own. Also, at a university, you will encounter all sorts of people at all different education levels, some undergraduates, to graduate levels and above.

Someone simply cannot expand as much at a community college as they potentially can at a university. Also, four year universities offer certain scholarships to first time freshman year students, and by going to a community college and entering the university at more than a freshman level, you must forfeit those scholarship opportunities. I cannot see why anyone would choose to not go to a state university if they had the chance to get out and explore outside your regular high school hometown. With all these pros towards going to a four year state university over a community college, this would be anyones obvious choice if accepted.