Everyday, we read, watch, and hear about how dangerous the world seems to have become. Parents, especially, are very worried about how to protect their children from what they see as a very dangerous world (From Journal call the new tech and world). Whether parents should spy on their kids or not has been a debatable issue for the last ten years. Some argue that parents should spy on their kids because those kids are too young to protect themselves from outside world. While others think that parents should not spy on their kids, because children need their own space and private time.

As Roy Cooper, an attorney general from California, said, “parents should talk to kids about things they post online about themselves and tell them not to accept friends on social networking sites unless they know who they are. ” Parents should trust their own kids and believe that they can protect themselves; spy on kids’ computers or cell phones are not right moves parents should take. Parents are overly concerned about their kids’ safety. Most parents decide to spy on their kids’ text messages as a way to ensure their children are not talking to dangerous people or bad guys from the society.

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However, children may feel intrusive and the negative consequences will happen if kids catch his/her parents reading his/her text messages. Not only will the relationship between parents and kids be strained, but also the kids may be even more rebellious and commit more disappointing acts. On the other hand, the psychological stress is not good for the teen's health and well-being. Since home should be a place where a person feels safe and secure, parents should realize that reveal kid’s privacy can lead to a serious consequence. When parents spy on their kids, it gives kids a reason to think that they are not trusted.

The fact that a parent has to read a child's text messages to know what's going on in their lives make it seem as if a parent is accusing the child of something wrong. In addition, the children may think that their parents don't trust them, and they may even try to isolate themselves from family members. Trust is essential in every relationship, so parents should believe their children have the ability to do the right choice and encourage them to choose what they want by themselves. Others feel that parents should spy on their kids, because the outside world is too dangerous to a kid.

Crimes such as raping, heist and so on are happening everyday. In fact, “there is no reason to track every movement your kids are making unless you have not built up the sense of trust and healthy flow between parents and child that takes years to achieve, they are more technologically savvy than we are. ” What parents need to do is to befriend with their children to really understand what the children are thinking, so that we can help them out in a mature way. Instead of spying on their children, parents should teach children how to use communication tools and social networking websites in a proper way.

What kids really need is an instruction instead of prohibition. Even though a recent report states “MySpace removed 90,000 sex offenders from its web site” made all of the parents who spy on their kids online believe they are doing the right thing, the key issue here is still on how to use MySpace correctly instead of totally prohibit the website from the children. Parents should never spy on their children and should give them privacy to make them feel they are being respected. This is how a healthy family relationship start with.