If a school wanted to take up the business opportunity of opening a snack shop for their students some of the problems that may occur would be; money for start up and construction of the snack shop, finding people to work in the snack shop without having to pay them a salary, someone who could manage and control the snack shop as well as having limited customers due to it being restricted to the school which then leads to limited sales as well as limited profits.

The problem solving technique that I decided to choose is the Force-field analysis. I weighed up the pros and cons of establishing a snack shop and then analysed the information that I had come up with. I then tried to come up with solutions for the cons so that I could strengthen my pros in order to make the business successful as possible by eliminating as many cons as I could.

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Some of the solutions that I manage to brainstorm were; to do some fundraising in order to raise enough money to start the snack shop, use students or voluntary parents to offer their services to serve the students at break, open the snack shop after school to increase sales and profit, place more litter bins around the school to decrease the excess of litter, serve healthy food to prevent students from not concentrating in classes and to ask if any employee would be willing to manage the snack shop as part of their duties. I drew up a flow chart illustrating the possible vision, mission, goals and objectives should the snack shop be opened.