My client’s general health is really good. He is kind of strong in some of the areas of physical fitness but is bound in the weight lifting area of fitness because it was not a part of his normal workout routine but it is one of the areas he will be working on in training for the reality show wipe out which tests all stregths an weaknesses. Extreme fitness challenge client Client Evaluation: Agility: My client’s agility is good which he proved to me when we did the one on one basketball drill. Speed: My client’s speed is good which he proved by running a mile in 4 minutes.

Reaction Time: my client’s reaction time is good which he proved by hitting some baseballs at the batting cages. Power: My client’s needs to work on his power skills which he will do by weight training. Balance and coordination: My client needs to work on his balance and coordination which he will do by practicing on his unicycle several times a week. Event 1 :Coconut Rope Swing You will carry a 5 pound bag of coconuts over your shoulder as you swing from rope to rope and if you fall you must go back to the beginning and start over. The first person to get to their mat with all 3 bags wins the challenge. Speed, Reaction time) Event 2: Last Man StandingYou will stand on an upright log just wide enough for your feet. Then you will have a long rod behind your head that you will place your arms over. Every 3 minutes a teammate will place a 3 pound bag on each side of the rod. The last person standing is the winner of the challenge. (Power, Balance) Event 3: Dive In You will be on a beach running through the sand and then you will dive in to ocean to retrieve bags that are tied down. You will swim back to shore and run each bag to your teams mat. You will do this 3 times.

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Once you have all the bags you will open them and use the lettered blocks inside to make a statement. The first team to reveal their statement wins the challenge. (Power, Speed) Event 4: All Tied UpEach member of your team will be connected to one another by a long rope that has a piece for each person to put around their waist. You will do an obstacle course as a team going over, under and through things and at the end you will walk across a beam above a mud pit. The first team to make it through the course with all members still attached and without falling in the mud pit wins the challenge. Agility, Coordination, Reaction time) exercise drills Power Drills. For this drill you will need to: Using 20 lb weights do 15 reps then rest for 40 seconds, then repeat. Do this 3 times a week. Balance and CoordinationDrills Cycling:For this drill you will ride a unicyclefor 2 miles 2 times a week. Speed DrillsRunning Track For this drill you will run 1 mile each day Reaction Time: DrillsBatting Cages in this excersise you will practice hitting baseballs at the batting cages 2 times a week for 1 hour each visit. Agility Drills1-on-1 Basketball

For this drill you will play 1 on 1 against my assistant coach for 2 hour each day Description- The physical challenges my client will do are the six areas of skill related fitness. Agility, Balance, CoordSome ination, Power, Reaction Time, and Speed. And my drills include more than one of these. My client needs to improve his balance and coordination. This important skill he will need to be good in to be able to compete against the other people in the show wipe out. Explanation: My training plan was designed to meet the specific needs of my client. We will start training slowly and then gradually increase the difficulty.

The training plan is more physical fitness than my client usually does. The FITT principles apply to the training plan because I have included frequency, intensity, time and the right exercises for my clients needs. I will check up on my client to make sure after the show weather he wins or looses that he continues to do these excersises. Location: Central park in plantion florida Here their are pools basketball courts fields soccer goals hockey ring tennis courts la cross Diving boards Tracks. The Geographical elements are grass trees hills Lakes sand Dirt water. These workout clothing will be provided from the show wipe out,