Simon Birch was an undersized boy who was determined to find out what was god’s purpose for him in life, but deep down Simon knew he was going to be a hero. Due to the fact that Simon had a disability the stunted his growth, he faced multiple problems, but he didn’t let that stop him. Simon played baseball, went to church and would spend his summers at the lake with his best friend Joe. Joe and his family was Simon’s closest thing to a family. Simon’s parents ignored him and thought he was a failure, but this still didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

Even thought his parent thought that way, Simon still accepted them. Simon never let anything get in his way to finding his purpose/ being a hero. Most people in the town thought he was insane for believing this, but Simon ignored them and kept believing in God and his plan. One of the reoccurring events in this movie was that Simon was always trying to beat his own record in how long he could hold his breath. Every time Simon and Joe went to the lake Joe would record how long Simon could hold his breath for, but something would always distract him.

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When Simon and Joe were trying to break into the coaches office to find out if the coach was Joes dad, both boys had to hold their breaths. Once again it wasn’t recorded due to the fact that Joe was too distracted to find out who his father really was. The final test of Simon holding his breath was when he risked his life to save the lives of multiple children in a horrific bus accident. This was Simons last and final test to see how long he could hold his breath because he wasn’t just doing it for himself but he was doing for the safety of children especially the one he stuck up for.

Although the thought of Simon holding his breath to save the lives of children could be his purpose in life or maybe he had more than one. If Simon told you he was going to do something that means he was going to do it. During the church Christmas show Simon approach a young crying child who was the same size as Simon but younger. Simon asked him what was wrong and the child told him that he was afraid to go on the church retreat because everyone was bigger than him. Simon told child that he would do all that he could to protect him.

Even though Simon could not go on the trip he walked the child to the bus to make sure that he got on safely. In later events Simon also saved the same child’s life when the church bus was sinking in a river. Joe always wanted to know who his dad really was but only his mom knew. Simon told Joe that he would help Joe find out who his father really was. When the Joes mother died Simon really felt that it was his fault so he made it a fact that he would help Joe out in finding his real father.

After comparing the whole town to Joe they finally came up with the idea that Joe’s father had to be the swim coach, so they joined the swim team. One day after practice the boys held their breath long enough till everyone was gone and broke into the swim coach office to find evidence, nothing was found. The boys then got in trouble for breaking and entering and had to go to the police station. Joe’s mother’s last boyfriend had to pick both of them up because Simon’s parents did care.

To make up for the breaking and entering the boy were both told that they had to help out with the church Christmas retreat. Later Simon wasn’t allowed to go on because he spoke his mind to the preacher, and the preacher took away Simons most prized possession, his baseball cards. While the Joe was helping out with the church retreat, Simon broke into the preacher’s office to get his baseball cards back but what he found was more important than any of his baseball cards. He found out that Joe’s real father was the preacher and then rushed to the retread as fast as he could to tell Joe.

By the time he got there the preacher had already told Joe. The boys then went home from the retreat on the bus and then bus driver got into a horrific accident. What was God’s plan for Simon in life? Was it to protect the innocent and save the children from drowning in that bus accident? Was it to be a man of your words and help find out who Joes real father was? God’s plan for Simon to me was to instill in people that as long as you mean good, help the people around you and be a man of your word then you will always be a hero.