Each player must accept the cards life deals him, but once they are in hand, he alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. In the short story “Emma” written by Carolyn Cole, Emma is one of the main characters who is friendly and caring towards her loved ones. If Emma would have only known how to play the game of life and be smarter, she would have won the game. Emma and Mrs. Robinson are two women with different personality traits, physical features and life experiences.

Role models play a huge part in a person's life, and can drastically change someone’s life in the sense that their actions are looked up by many. Maria and Dory like the way Emma is and they admire her so much that when they grow up they want to be just like Emma. Unlike Emma, Mrs. Robinson is mean. Throughout the story Emma is described with long flowing black hair, but Mrs. Robinson is being described with red hair at Gino’s while the children were talking. Emma had a nice body. On the other hand, Mrs. Robinson is an old lady than Emma.

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Emma is a well developed character because she is being compared with the lady at the train station, and she gets described a bit more almost at the end. Emma would have been a good example to Dory, if she would have not ended up with her life because all her daughter wanted was to be like her mom Emma. Unfortunately Emma did not play the game right. The author describes Emma and Mrs. Robinson with different personality traits throughout the story. The author sees Emma as a patient woman because of her the way she waits for her husband late at night with innocent Dory.

Differ to Mrs. Robinson, she gets desperate with her daughter, easily to when Maria argues with dory about who will be Emma at Gino’s, Mrs. Robinson says “They are both impossible. You should have them both, Emma. ” (pg 53 line 4) and Emma just winked at them after Ruby finished. Personally I would say Emma is better with children than Mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Robinson treats them unfairly after Emma’s death, and whatever they did was never enough for Ruby. Ruby sends Maria and Dory away to a boarding school at Saint Agnes House, so she could stay with Jack.

Making decisions is an equally important priority in the lives of a person similar to Emma as the way the author suggests it. That is what Emma does not think of to win the game of life. However, Mrs. Robinson betrays Emma after her tragedy. Sadly Emma was the one to notice it in the train when she looked through the window and says “Mrs. Robinson and Daddy were kissing. ” (pg 56, lines 8-9). Emma did not deserve to be cheated because she is a loving woman and a loving wife and mother. Emma does not play the game of life right as she tries to satisfy the needs of her loved ones.

Emma and Ruby had both been cheated by their husbands, but in my opinion Mrs. Robinson was a whore for going with Jack. Most of the time people do not think before their actions and that is why things go wrong. In conclusion, after making a comparison between Emma’s and Mrs. Robinson’s personality traits, physical features and life experiences I reward Emma is a better character than Mrs. Robinson because she is a loving mother and wife who is patient with her child Dory. In addition she is a good role model for her daughter who wants to be like her mom.