What is shopping? Shopping is actually an activity of searching, selecting the products and services to fulfill the needs, wants and desires of an individual. Sometimes, we will take shopping as a leisurely activity like window shopping to spend our free time. People like shopping because it can be a positive experience. Besides, in the competitive era, most of us having a lot of stress at work life, therefore, shopping has become one of the stress relievers for us. In today modernization world, shopping can be separated into two different types which are shopping in stores and shopping online.

There are plenty of similarities and differences when it comes to shopping in stores and shopping online. First of all, one of the similarities between online shopping and shopping in stores is both of it offering a great variety of products they offer. Shopping mall provides different departments stores by giving customers a large number of products to choose. For example garments, kitchen ware, accessories and so on. Consumers are able to choose different colors, styles, shapes and sizes to fit their needs.

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Similar to online shopping, it gives the user the opportunity to search for the product they want through endless avenues. Moreover, to enhanced features on many retailer websites, shoppers are able to see what an item would look like in different color, size or send a link to a friend to get feedback. Like for instance, the online stores for Victoria’s Secret allows shoppers to click on the color swatches to change the color of an item and click through the alternate views to determine the exact fit and shape.

Next similarity between online shopping and shopping in store is the method they use to sell the product to their customers (Gore, 2013). Traditional stores accept both credit card and cash. Besides, it will typically have seasonal and end of season sales. Moreover, it gives out special discount to those members and vouchers for the redemption of gifts. Compare with shopping online, it also provides the same thing. The online seller received cash through cash deposit to their personal or business account or using credit card.

The retailer's site will often reflect any seasonal promotions available in store and allow customers to redeem coupons and gift cards. Sometimes featuring extra incentives such as free shipping for online shoppers. Sales and promotions will typically start and end on the same dates both in store and online. It enables to attract more customer purchase goods from them. There are three main differences between shopping at stores and shopping online. The beginning point of difference is time. Shopping at stores spend more time than shopping online.

It could take two or more hours including transportation time. Shopping at stores could make someone spend more hours searching for the right products at the right price. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to compare the products against other online store competitors. This includes drive time to the stores locations, time to wait sellers bring products to take home and the time to check out. However, the time of shopping at stores is limited and depends on shoppers because they can exactly go shopping when they have free time, but shopping online is contrary.

The shoppers can buy whenever and wherever they want. They only need visit to retailer’s webpage and choose items which they like or want. Then circularize a message to buyer or make a call, and the items will be delivered. It is simple and commodious for shoppers. Online shopping cuts out the time spent on transportation and walking from store to store. It could compare price faster. Some websites, such as Bizrate or Shopzilla, allow shoppers to compare product cost and customer satisfaction. Online shopping could let people shop in minutes.

Everyone does not need to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant is ready to help with purchases. The second point of different between shopping in stores and shopping online is the different forms of product they offer. As we know, shopping in store enable consumer to identify the products tangibly like they can taste, smell, feel and test it on the spot. In addition, it is a real time interactive experience which the purchaser can deal with the owner face to face and the consumer can make sure whether the goods are in good or bad condition.

For example, when buying garments, fitting room is available for the buyer to try. In turn, shopping online is an intangible way to get the products. The consumer just can evaluate the goods through the flat screen without touch, taste, smell or even try it. Therefore, they cannot test or examine the products until the things are delivered. Like for instance, after the goods is sent the consumers only realize the things they purchase are not fitted to their wants. Last but not least, product price is the last difference between shopping in store and shopping online. The consumer an buy a product with a reasonable price in both shopping in store and shopping online.

However, when shopping in store, one can negotiate with the owner to get some discount from them. However, the price of the goods will be slightly expensive compare to online due to the owner of the store need to pay rental, taxes and salary for their workers. Therefore, they have to charge the consumer with higher prices to cover their cost. In contrast, the price of online tends to be less expensive. Because most of the online retailers work in their own house, they have saved the renting cost.

But, the consumer does not have the opportunity to deal face to face with the owner, and not be able to negotiate with them. In conclusion, shopping at store and online shopping have brought similarities and differences. Variety of products and methods sellers use to sell their products have bring the similarities while time, form of products and prices have carry out the differences between shopping in store and shopping online. It depends on the purpose of buying products and the method you are preferable.