I would like to discuss in great about what sexual health is and how it can be of either good or bad influence to young people and the entire population at large. l would like to define sexual health as the capacity to enjoy as well as express sexuality with no exploitations and oppressions either physically or emotionally. (Fpa policy statement) to qualify the above statement I would like to quote a few statements stated on the same article. These include; the fact that young people need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop sexual behaviour that is safe and enjoyable .

As it was cited earlier it is noted that young people have the right to high quality, appropriate and relevant sexual relationships education from nursery school on wards. This helps to build up a proper foundation and a solid base relating to sexual development which takes place from birth and then affects people for the greater lengths of their goes, even if they were sexually active or not . As for young people easy access to the information that directly affects them will be beneficial, this information includes issues like open discussions and peer-to peer discussions relating to sexual health.

If we got some information from the people who are directly involved with young people, these can include the the GP`s, health service providers, youth advice clinics etc easily accessible to the public and then encourages young people to be open and talk about sexuality then we can curb the problems that we face on a day to day basis especially in the days we are living in, we cannot be ignorant of the factors that affect people's behaviour and lifestyle relating this topic, we should therefore realise that factors including social, environmental and some

Lifestyle factors can be a great deal when it comes to sexuality, to build upon that can we take a moment and reflect on what young girl of fourteen from a poor family who could not even go up to the GCSE`s would and end up engaging in if they see they have a sole responsibility of keeping food on the table for about two other siblings who unfortunately will be under her wings every time because the parents would not be responsible enough. The worst thing that could happen to them would be to be sexually active at such a tender age in trying to cope with the faults of the world.

This will seemingly be the only choice out of a few that might be in existence so if they decide to embark on it for simple reasons that it's the quickest way to get cash then they will indulge. Once they do, they will be opening doors for a lot of harm than good to occur. It will be be foolish if I did not discuss the outcome of such behaviour, we find out that this has effects on a lifestyle of an individual. Many of times the environmental in which people live causes them to effectively decide upon things which might not necessarily be right at the end of the day.

If we can realise that the decisions, which are made at this time, are a life time one and will affect their lives. In trying to get the so-called better living they will engage themselves in a trap and soon fail to get the door out of it. In trying to copy a certain way of living a person will have to emulate a few things that become too involving so this causes more problems as people will be engaging themselves in a way they need to keep up with.

We can notice that this causes more problems which can bring in issues that relate to things like children being sexually involved at very at very tender age ages. By so doing there are high risks of issues like teenage pregnancies, drugs, alcohol etc and all these lead to critical end to children ranging from abortion to addictions. If peers also are influential on a negative perspective this greatly affects a person involved in critical ways because they will be thinking that some people are role models and they will just emulate what is happening in their lives whether good or bad.

A lot of public facilities have some information but unfortunately it is restricted so young people have to get some precedence to information like this as it affects their lives. As long as some information is left to public, we will note that there will be avoidances of a lot of mishaps that can be available. These include abortion, stillbirths, and some sexually transmitted infections that would catastrophically destroy an individual's life.

An area of concern is drug use with these kinds of people as they will be influenced by a lot of pressure from the world, it will be like second nature to them to deal with drugs and in that way addiction will come by and abuse. An awareness campaign should be conducted from all walks of life. The use of public facilities like walk in centres, Gum centres, surgeries, family planning centres and public journals will always be of great help if they are fully utilised regarding sexual health. This will help protect people from all kinds of diseases, unwanted pregnancies and the misuse of drugs in the society.