Students in Catholic and Public Schools are required to wear school uniforms. When school uniform policies are put into place, studies show that there is an improvement in both attitude and school work. Wearing uniforms would also reduce clothing costs and many problems related to competition in dress. Not wearing regular clothes everyday would be a great idea because you can be yourself and be an individual in school and out. Wearing regular clothes can also be a distraction because you may forget that you’re in school and misbehave which will not be a good idea. It is my assumption that school uniforms are the best.

It probably would be nice to wear regular clothes every day. Expressing yourself is something teachers want to see. No school uniform means that everyone wears whatever they want. It could be great but imagine a class photo. It would be unprofessional to see students dressed in anything. According to my mother this was done years ago and to me it looks much better when the students are dressed in uniforms. In the past two or three years, several schools in our city have begun to require school uniform. All of those schools improved student grades and improved students’ behavior. Uniforms are also less expensive than regular clothing.

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An outfit for a student can easily cost up to sixty dollars. The uniforms sold at uniform stores cost twenty-four dollars or less. Buying uniforms would save money for students and their parents. This would be especially helpful to low income families. Some people say that uniforms destroy students’ freedom however; uniforms would not cause a threat to a student. To me there’s a lot to a child besides what type of clothing he or she wears. In conclusion, wearing uniforms will reduce many problems and will improve grades as well behavior. Students enrolled in Catholic or Public School should be required to wear a school uniform.