This business project will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and the recommendations and justifications of the project. This business case also discusses the project goals, performance measures, assumptions, constraints, and alternative options.

Sale’s and inventory system is manufacturing companies rely on forecasting to project demand to schedule production. Production rates are compared to projected sales rates to determine the impact of projected sales on inventory. Inventory levels rise if production exceeds sales and falls if sales exceed production. In that high inventory levels negatively impact cash flow and warehousing capacity, and sharp decreases in sales can lead to obsolete inventory, it is important to balance production rates and inventory with sales volumes. However, it is equally important that sufficient inventory be available to meet demand and avoid backorder situations.

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Sales and Inventory System of Bounty Fresh Chooks to go Company is a full-service, computerized records management and make handling records easier. At Chook’s to go Company, we give our customers the competitive edge through state-of-the-art technology, unprecedented security and quick-response service. Computerized System are very much needed in companies and business that will help them in order to come up with a better products or services and even accurate data for the firm through the Information System. Information System is defined as combination of technology, people, and data to support business requirements.

Sale’s and Inventory System of Bounty Fresh Chooks to go is a whole sale and retail store. It has a cash register for the customer receipt and basis of daily sales report. The company is composed of one (1) General manager/owner, who is responsible in monitoring the incoming and outgoing products, the one who manages the ordering of products, even the back orders the manager also generates the daily reports base on the receipts; one (1) Cashier, who is in charge of the payments of the products. One (1) Sales lady for customer assistance and inquiry of products as well; two (2) Checkers who are in charge of monitoring of the products; bad orders, back orders and the availability. There is also warehouse boy, who are responsible in organizing the stocks in the warehouse, monitoring of numbers of stocks.

Issue They use the manual sales and inventory system in their everyday transactions. Having this kind of system they encounter problems such as computing and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the availability of products, searching the price of the certain product, adjusting the number of stocks and monitoring the expiration of the products. To ease the problems that are being encounter by the store, the proposed Sales and Inventory System of Bounty Fresh Chooks to go is designed to improve their every task. The proposed system will help them in computing and recording the sales per day, monitoring of the products to avoid the out-of-stock. It will also help in monitoring the expiration of the product and adjusting the number of stocks.

Anticipated Outcomes This technology migration will reduce overhead costs associated with the large workforce currently required to manage these tasks. The company will benefit from more timely and accurate financial reporting as an ability to enter and continuously update their financial metrics. This real time access reduces errors, improves cycle time, and is readily available to any authorized user.

Justification The System is aligned with corporate strategy and objectives since it uses technology to improve the way we do business. The implemented of Sales and Inventory System of Bounty Fresh Chooks to go it will result in greater efficiency with regards to the company resources, business process and cost reduction to the work of the employees of the company. The Sales and Inventory System of Bounty Fresh Chooks to go was proposal in this business case because it provides the best opportunity to realize benefits in an expedited manner while also allowing for the greatest improvement in efficiency and cost reduction in every daily transaction of the company.