Rudy is a motivational movie in which the topics of the ability to comprehend the power of dreams and the triumph of the common person who strives to overcome and addresses one’s need to persevere despite obstacles and rejection. We watched this film in class from January 31, 2012 until February 2, 2012. Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger grew up in Jolet, Ohio and was one of fourteen children. He always had a passion for football and played for his high school team at Holy Cross Junior College. His major dream was to go to Notre Dame, which eventually became true after being rejected from there 3 times.

While doing his studies, he was informed that he had dyslexia, but he pushed through this difficulty and maintained a B-average in college with determination and sacrifice. Rudy was not on the actual football team at Notre Dame, he was on the practice team. He dreamt of a day that he could run out the tunnel and sit-in on one game, but he was only 5’6’’ and 165 pounds. Most of the football players on the team were twice his size, but he studied the game, and when he finally got a chance to play at a real game his tackle was a major success. This was a result of studying, paying attention, and taking each game seriously.

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Because of Rudy’s determination, five of his brothers went on to college and received degrees, which is very significant, coming from a family where no one furthered their education. Most importantly, no other player has ever been carried off the field since 1975. Rudy’s personal pursuit of happiness resulted in making him a legacy, maybe even a legend. I believe this movie was produced to inspire someone to follow their own dreams and aspirations, using Rudy as an example. A major aspect emphasized by the film is no matter what the odds are, you can overcome them.

You can make it no matter what; a person can find a way. Also, success will not come easily; Struggle must happen to earn your dream. Just like Rudy, we can also achieve our dreams and aspirations. In the film Rudy, the part I liked the most was when Fortune, the head of the crew that takes care of Notre Dame’s field, told Rudy that “In this life, you don't have to prove nothin' to nobody but yourself”. He also told Rudy how he’d regret not going to his last senior practice. Throughout the film, Fortune was the only person who believed in Rudy and even gave him a place to stay when he was living on the streets.

The part I disliked is when the head coach retired after promising Rudy that he could dress for one game the next season. It hurt me that he made a promise like that and then failed to stay, and didn’t even tell the new head coach his promise he made to Rudy. This shows how sometimes things do not go your way, but you have to persevere. I believe that the concepts in Rudy apply to every high school senior. Between applying and be accepted into college and keeping your grades up until the end of year, it can get very stressful and you must keep that determination and never give up.

One must not just accept the regular; they must strive for the best. This movie was a wakeup call for me because it showed me that no one can stop you except for yourself. If you have a dream, strive for that dream and never let go until you succeed. The most important concept in this movie, I cannot stress enough, is never give up and persevere. I would definitely recommend this movie for next year’s class because it shows how you must have some struggle and hardships to accomplish your dreams.

All of these aspects mentioned can be achieved by being careful about the people you surround yourself with, encourage yourself when the going gets rough, maintaining a positive attitude, applying Rudy’s determination to your own quests, and remembering that you have the utmost power in your life, so use it. When picking friends, the ones you fit in with are not always the ones most beneficial to you. One way to achieve success is to be surrounded by people who are headstrong, determined, and encouraging.

For example, if you have a friend who is into the same stuff as you but, they do not try their best in school and have no ambitions, they will not encourage you to do better. Rudy had a plethora of people that told him that he could not make his dream come true because he was not smart enough and did not have good grades. But Rudy did not let these people bring him down and step on him; instead he made new friends and surrounded himself with successful people. This demonstrates a very important message in the film, by showing that there are going to be people that will try and pull you down, but you must push forward.

Even Rudy’s family told him that he was not good enough but, he left that surrounding, went to school, and became very successful. Surrounding yourself with people who encourage you is the first step to success. You can continue this success by also encouraging yourself to do your best, even when the going gets rough. Finding the strength to continue on can be a difficult task, but it is worth the fight. You must be able to encourage yourself because it allows you to find that strength. If you do not believe in yourself, then who will? Rudy never let anyone get to him, and told himself that he can do it.

Because of this determination, Rudy was able to do it. If it wasn’t for his own self encouragement, he would have never gotten anywhere. You must motivate yourself before others can motivate you. Also another key point that ties into this is maintaining a positive attitude. Do not be a “negative Nancy” and put yourself down about everything. You must stay positive and overcome the hardships. In the film, Rudy had a positive attitude regardless of how many negative comments came his way. If you allow yourself to be negative, you eventually give up and feed into what everyone is saying.

Another way to reach success and follow your dreams is by applying Rudy’s determination to your own quests. Rudy’s determination is a major theme that is tested throughout the entire film. If Rudy was not determined, he would have never become the legend that he did. He studied the game and was able to sack the quarterback in the game. This shows true determination because although Rudy only dreamt of being able to dress for a game, he still practiced as though he was on the team. This occurrence is not by chance, it is definitely an outcome of determination.

If we have the same determination as him, chances are we can succeed just like him. Also you must remember that you have the utmost power in your life, so use it. Rudy was very inspirational and everyone can benefit from watching this movie. It clearly represents the issue of struggle and pursuing dreams. The movie shows that dreams can be achieved by being careful about the people you surround yourself with, encourage yourself when the going gets rough, maintaining a positive attitude, applying Rudy’s determination to your own quests, and remembering that you have the utmost power in your life, so use it.