“Rolling in the Deep” is a song by an English singer-songwriter Adele from Tottenham, North London, England, UK. Paul Epworth who is a British Music Producer, also wrote the song. He describes Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep”, as a dark blues-y gospel disco tune. The song “Rolling in the Deep,” features martial beats, pounding keys and chanting back-up singers. This particular piece of music is called revenge song, in which the speaker/singer rages into a former boyfriend. The lyrics describe the emotions of a scorned lover, who is finally able to see the light, and despite regretful sentiments, realizes reconciliation is not an option.

The song starts with a five second acoustic intro, and then the speaker/singer starts singing about “the scars of your love. ” She begins proclaiming the rise of emotion that results in fantasies of revenge against a lover who has done her wrong. The chorus does not come until a minute into the song, which is late. By then it has built to a climax with a pre-chorus containing the back-up vocals “You’re gonna wish you never had met me” and “Tears are gonna fall. ” There is no bridge, but the chorus shows up three times, accounting for almost half of the song. This so the listener can observer the songs message.

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So what does the phrase “Rolling in the Deep” mean? The speaker/singer describes it as an adaptation of a kind of slang; it is an expression of deep love. She may have thought he was Mr. Right but instead he was playing with her love, her heart. She thought they had a chance at a deeper love that would last. This song is about sorrow of love and anger about realizing that love is over and this lover “played me to the beat” but rejoicing in the fact that now he is suffering in the depths of himself “Rolling in the Deep” “you’re gonna wish you never had met me.

The speaker/character in the story is feeling enraged and confused about the relationship that she had with this person. Love is blind and her eyes are finally open; she sees the man she loves finally for who he really is. She gave him everything, and she believed in him. She risked everything for him, believing he was the one for her, but he hurt her and rejected her love. He had not capability of truly loving, ever being remorseful and without self-control.

He did not appreciate her; walked all over her, and probably thought he could do better, “Throw your soul through every open door” “Count your blessings to find what you look for. ” I do not see it as they were in a relationship. I think he strung her along and played with her, enjoyed toying with and controlling her. He has finally gone too far and she is done, “Finally I can see you crystal clear” “Go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your ship bare. ” But, he left her with scars with memories of him. She was very much in love with him.

She knows they could have had it all. It causes her pain to the point of not being able to breathe. But the tide is turning, she is not sad anymore; she is becoming angry. At one point in the song she sings, "There is a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch, bringing me out of the dark. ” Her anger is allowing her to open up her eyes and see the reality of the relationship. Now, she wants revenge. She wants him to suffer like he made her suffer. He broke her heart, but she knows that in the end he did not just break her heart.

He broke his heart too. She knows that if she leaves, he will see her and see that they could have had future of fidelity and joy. And, she will not take him back this time even though she cannot help feeling like they could have had a future together. She is not going to disappear and be sad. She is going out. She is going to see other people. And she is going to fall in love. He is going to miss her so much that he will wish he never met her, and this will make her happy because of all the pain he has caused her. He is going to cry over her.

Tears are going to fall and she is going to miss him. But she is hardening her heart to him. She will not let him back in again even though she will want to. She believed that they had a future together and now they never will be. Not only is “Rolling in the Deep,” a beautiful expression song but also is an example of a theme where love has gone wrong. “Rolling in the Deep,” then, is about a universal human experience heartbreak followed by revenge and by healing. It is a song to which generations can relate old and young.