The purpose of this report is to find out views and opinions about Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust in Merseyside situated in NorthWest England . We would be 1conducting a survey to people who live within the catchment area of Aintree so that changes and improvements can be brought upon to the existing services. This report will also investigate the role of Aintree Hospital in the new healthcare marketplace where it is anticipated that all patients in England will be offered at least five providers for elective care .

The data we obtained from the questionnaires and focus groups will be used in analysing key information regarding patient views and hence help Aintree NHS Trust examine its existing reputation on a national scale. Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust is a large, complex organization providing acute health care to a population of 330,000 in North Merseyside and surrounding areas. The Trust provides acute hospital services to the residents of South Sefton, North Liverpool and Kirkby.

The Trust consists of two main hospitals - University Hospital Aintree which is a large teaching hospital providing Accident & Emergency services and a wide range of acute and non-acute specialties, and Walton Hospital which provides outpatient and day surgery services. Their aim is to to deliver the highest standard of patient care which is clinically effective in a manner which respects people's dignity, privacy and individuality. One of our primary research method was to design a questionnaire-based survey for people who live in surrounding region of Aintree and ask them questions which can be found in the Appendix 1.

The questionnaire is about the types of services available in the hospital and their choices of hospitals in case of emergencies or accidents , their various experiences with the different hospitals and what their perceptions and views were concerning waiting time are investigated and if how factors such as location ,reputation ,expertise or even customer service could influence their decision in choosing hospitals . Survey in Bootle Shopping centre was carried out.

The majority of people shopping at this time were mostly in the age range of 35+ and there was a balanced representation of males and females as well . When asked about whether they have some experience wth hospital in Liverpool or if their relatives have any ,a majority of 68% answered yes and the remaining answered no . From this data ,we can assume that hospitals play an active part in people's lives and they are quite dependent on the services being offered. Most of them agreed that Aintree hospitals are better these days at understanding patients and their needs .

They also use new and different methodologies for understanding patients' needs and have better and updated sources of information about preferences and satisfaction . This was an improvement in people's conceptions and views on hospitals compared to ten years ago . It is observed that there is an equal proportion of people who visit a hospital weekly as compared to those people who visit at least once a year . The figure of 29. 5 % was slightly higher than those who went once every six months (23. 5%)and those who went once a month (17. 6 %).

Out of the 22 people interviewed there was a majority of them (70%) said that they had some experiences with Aintree Hospital withing the last three years. This is a huge figure considering that there exists several hospitals around the region . and a staggering figure of 81. 8 % said they have visisted Aintree Hospitals . All this indicates that Aintree Hospitals has a high reputation among the population of Aintree as well as Liverpool . There is some form of relationship that seems to develop between the patients and the hospital once someone has been there for a visit or any medical treatment .

They seem to be loyal who stay in the same hospitals even if they have experienced difficulties in the past . It was found that they have access to a range of excellent services while receiving treatment in hospitals . There is continuity ,which many patients value and also the fact that there exists a good working relationship between medical staff and petients . All these factors contribute to the fact that a high percentage of people prefer Aintree Hospital compared to the others .

More than half of the population interviewed have visited a hospital more than 6 times within the last three years . The main reason people visited hospital was for treatment for a specialist service (50%) while the others consist of conditions like chest infections ,surgery ,child birth or elderly medicine as well as accidents and emergencies About 85 % of the interviewees added that the waiting time in A&E has considerably decreased due to the fact that they are assessed immediately after triage by senior medical staff supported by a team of clinical staff .

This is something that is closely related to the current target which was forecasted for December 05 where Simon Barton talked about the fact that 98 % of all patients will be treated in A&E within four hours from arrival to admission and transfer or discharge . We also found out that 25 % of people within the age group of 75+ suffered from asthma,a relatively high percentage . When asked about what comes in their minds when it comes to Aintree hospitals, there were a wide range of answers .

A portion of repondents were feeling nervous and stressed when they think about the hospitals while others said that they were wondering what would happen to them when they get out of the hospitals . Some suggested that there were much improvements to be made concerning cleanliness ,waiting times ,parking facilities and friendliness of staff while others persisted in saying that Aintree was the world best hospital they have ever been to. This can be due to the services they have been provided while being cared over there .

We were surprised to find out that cleanliness was a big issue with patients who have been to Aintree . There were at least 52 % of people interviewed who said that they chose Aintree due to the clean environment they knew the hospital could provide . This suggests that most people regard cleanliness as one of the most important factors in deciding the hospital to choose. Nearly 10 % of the people interviewed said that their health was a bigger issue than to care about the state of the hospital .

In brief their health was a priority and they could choose any hospital they want as long as they get the necessary care avalaible. The two best qualities of Aintree Hospitals according to the interviewees were either the clinical care level and the friendliness of staff over there . 68. 4 % of the people agreed that clinical care level played a big role in their choice of Aintree and they also preferred to be treated by friendly staff who could be found over there . We also found out that more than 80 % of people said that they have experiences with very helpful staff whenever they went to Aintree hospitals .

There were also a high percentage of people (47. 6 %) said that Aintree has a high reputation ,which is being the ultimate factor for them for the choice of hospital . This indicates that Aintree has a good reputation throughout the local population in terms of choice of hospitals . But we must also take into account that 50 % of people interviewed said that the location of Aintree Hospitals was ideal for them in making that particular choice . Convenience of getting to the hospitals from where they lived was one factor affecting their decision making.

In the questionnaire whether they would choose Aintree Hospitals if they had a simple operation was investigated and 70 % of people said that Aintree would be their first choice. On the other hand, if it was a case of emergency operation a similar proportion of people that Aintree would have been their fisrt destination . But there was also the case of 15. 8% who said in our survey that they would prefer to go to any hospital as long as they get the necessary and right treatment . In other words ,hospitals choice doesn't play an important role in deciding .

We were also surprised to notice that 9 out of 10 people interviewed said that the expertise being provided by Aintree Hospitals were among the best in the country and the same could be said concerning customer services. The food being served was also under scrutiny in our survey and most people were generally satisfied .

It was also found that access to medical staff such as doctors ,nurses and other staff was easy and that there was a maixed reaction when we threw thequestion about whether quietness plays an important role in deciding which hospital to choose. 22. % of people said that they like hospital that is quite at night while 36. 4% said that they don't care about quietness as long as they get the care and attention needed. Waiting time was found to be a very big issue with many people. About 48 % responents said that they had to wait for more than 4 hours before being admitted . Quite high proportion of respondent were not that happy with the waiting time . Comparing with the Aintree hospital's target of 98% of all patients being treated within 4 hours, Aintree will need to work hard if it was to reach its targets .

In our research there was 66. 7% of repondent who were neutral concerning outpatient delays which implies that they must have been seen very quickly to give such responses . Parking facilities also played an important role in decision of hospitals . Nearly 1 out of 2 people interviewed agreed on that matter saying it was a priority for them . We also had a good response concerning easy take home prescriptions ,most people agreed that it was among the best facilities that existed in hospitals actually .

The focus group exercise consisted of three males and one female. Two observators presented to record verbal content and observe nonverbal clues. The moderator asked about how people generally feel about this hospital. The result was that male A complained that it was scary, unfriendly and waiting time was too long. Obviously, he was disappointed with the treatment he received. The male B thought that waiting time was something that the hospital was very good at while male C was worried about the treatment level of the hospital.

In his opinion, the doctor could not properly assess his illness and as a result his condition worsened. The female member also complained about the waiting time being too long . According to the people ,there exists cases where doctors were practicing both in private and public hospitals. Their attitudes were different in public hospitals where they were more relaxed and under no sort of pressure to deliver the best treatment possible as compared with private hospitals where they work really hard.

The male patient A argued that if he was paying so much tax every year he would normally expect a much better service ,which was not the case here . But the others agreed on the good services provided by the hospitals. In the subjective aspect of services satisfaction, four of the members of the patients considered that, they had a little satisfaction with the services of the hospital. Most of the people in the group accepted that the longer they had to wait the more fearful and anxious they become .