For most people living or visiting Nashville, country music is the music they love most because Nashville is country music central. What makes each country star special? What's the difference between Taylor Swift and Reba McEntire's song? Reba has been around country music for nearly thirty years versus the average country star, Taylor Swift which stay in the spotlight two to six years. Reba is seen as queen of country because of her outstanding achievements and number one songs. Reba sang different ballads of love songs, her heartfelt songs overcoming hardships with a man who is no good for her.

Reba McEntire has set the standards and has laid the foundation for future female country singers to achieve number one songs and how to keep the number one spot. Reba's loves songs hold powerful lyrics and a soft melody. Her heart breaking melancholy songs tug at the listener’s heart. They are relatable to normal women in everyday life. She talks about being in love, everyone has that feeling. Reba is known for her magical love songs such as “Forever Love,” an influential heart felt song. Reba relates to both genders while still keeping it relatable to her own story.

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Yet Reba has more than her normal sweet songs; she has songs that get women thinking “why? ” For example “Why Haven’t I Heard From You? ” It's an upbeat song that talks to a man who didn’t call her back. Her voice and the detailed lyrics make her have a boldness that not many stars can keep. While Reba is known for her love songs, she is also known for her hardships that she has overcome. Throughout her career she has produced songs like “What Would You Say? ” It's about a mother battling cancer as well as dealing with her children growing up without her. Then there is the song “Fancy. It's about an eighteen year old girl being sold as a prostitute so her mother could survive and feed herself and the baby . For most American's they couldn’t relate to that song, because not many American’s can say they were sold as a prostitute at the age of eighteen. For Reba personally, she has been through devastation just like her fans. On March 16, 1991 Reba lost her band members to a plane crash, at her lowest of lows she pushed through and her next song produced was “If I Had Only Known. ” The heart wrenching ballad gave her fans a side of her she never let anyone see.

Reba Knows how it feels to have lost loved ones. The most common country songs are revenge love songs. Reba has a lady like way of expressing her anger in her songs when it comes to being cheated on. Lately though, Reba has stepped out of her typical box. She is competing against Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, therefore Reba has updated her music and lyrics. It's not the 1990's anymore! Her recent song “You Can Hear Me on the Radio,” shows that Reba isn’t going anywhere; because the song lyrics were young and relatable to teenagers and older women. As time changes, so has Reba's music.

Reba has proven that she can still sing her traditional love songs, her heartfelt songs overcoming hardships and dealing with a man who is no good for her and belting out all of them with relation to each song that she sings. Reba McEntire has laid the foundation and set a path for other young female artist. Her songs get her point across. She shows passion, vulnerability and anger just like any other woman, whether it’s through her sweet love songs, or her upbeat revenge songs. Reba proved to herself and to America that a woman could be a big country super star. I only dream of her career. Reba has earned the crown of being country queen.