Rage Against The Machine self-titled track Rage Against The Machine was released June sixth of nineteen ninety-two by Epic Records. This cd has ten songs Bombtrack, Killing In The Name, Take The Power Back, Settle For Nothing, Bullet in The Head, Know Your Enemy, Wake Up, Fistful of Steel, Township Rebellion, and Freedom. Band members Zack De La Rocha lead singer, guitarist Tom Morello, guitarist Tim Commerford, and drummer Brad Wilk.

Song one Bombtrack this song makes me feel angry but in a motivating way. This song is good to run or work out to because it makes you feel pumped up and ready to release pent up frustrations in a good work out. The instrumentation of this song starts with a lighter guitar sound which leads into a heaver guitar sound and the introduction of the drums. After the drums are introduced the load explosive lyrics start. This fades in the middle of the song to a lighter sound for a brief break in till building back up for a bit and fading back once more. Finally it builds back up in till end of the song.

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Song two Killing In The Name gives me the impression that every thing is not as it seems to be. You should look further into things that don't seem to add up. This song also makes me feel motivated to work out and release aggression build up from within. This songs instrumentation starts with the drums and leads into the guitar. The whole pace picks up for the lyrics with a heaver sound. The song seems to have a back and forth sound between the instruments and the lyrics.

Take the Power give me the impression of starting a revolution. The power is to speak is in your own hands change is inevitable. All you need is a leader a person willing to take a chance a person who is willing to break out of the mold. The instrumentation of this peace starts with light guitar and drums. This changes to a more up beat heaver sound with lyrics, which carries to the middle of the song. In the middle of the song there's a break from the lyrics with guitar and drums continuing. The lyrics are reintroduced to a lighter guitar and drums that builds back up to their normal heaver and faster sound to end the song.

Settle For Nothing is song about revenge and how now there for him. He is trying to escape pain and he stating that is his way or no way. This song starts with a light guitar and drums and leads into soft light lyrics. Which switches to a heaver louder sound. Which switches back to the light softer sound for a short time and goes back to the heaver sound. Then the song goes back to the lighter sound before going back to the heaver sound to end the song.

Bullet in The Head makes you feel angry and makes you wonder and worry about innocent victims. Makes you think of how many people get hurt or killed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The song starts out with light guitar and moves into drums and lyrics. Breaks into just guitar and drums then goes back to the lyrics. Then it moves to a lighter softer before switching back to there heaver sound there know for.

Know your Enemy makes me feel angry and motivating to do, as you want by whatever means possible. It also asks who is really on your side. Who is helping you to achieve your goals? This song starts with a synthesis guitar sound and leads into drums and then lyrics. The song then has a brief section of guitar before the heaver lyric come in.

Wake up makes me feel like you have to stand up for your self. If you don't stand up for you self and speak up who will. This song starts with a long intro with guitar and drums at a lighter feel to the lyrics that carry at a steady pace to the break for a brief time. Then the lyrics are reintroduced to a break the play all synthesized guitar and moves to a heaver sound with more anger.

Fistful of Steel makes me feel angry and motivated to stand up for you self. In others words aggressive to almost pick a fight with any one who apposes you. The song makes you feel like you have to stand up for your self because no one else will and if you don't you are always just a victim. This song starts with a long synthesized guitar intro which switches to a normal sounding guitar and drums. Then the song changes back to the synthesized guitar and lyrics and goes back to the more normal sounding guitar. The song continues to switch back and forth threw out the song. The song ends with the more traditional sounding guitar and drums.

Township Rebellion makes me feel like you have to break out of the norm. You have to stand up for your self and you beliefs. You cannot be silent if you want to make a difference. In this song every thing gets started all at once the lyrics, guitar, drums and a cow bell all at once. The cowbell fades out and in though out the song. The break in the middle there is a break in the lyrics with synthesized guitar sound. Then it switches back to the more traditional sounding guitar with lyrics. The song ends with short lyric phrase and traditional sounding guitar and drums.

Freedom makes me feel that you should fight for what you believe in. You have to speak your opinion and do, as you must to defend them. The song starts with all instruments and short delay into the short phrases for lyrics. Then it switches in to normal lyrics guitar and drums. This is interrupted by the short phrases which switches back to the normal lyrics. The song ends with the short phrases and traditional sounding guitar and drums.