It has long been my dream to be in the medical profession. At an early age, my eyes had been opened to the world of discovery and learning. I have always wanted to be involved with helping others in the medical line of work but I was uncertain where particularly I could fit in. Finally, I have found a health field that I am passionate about because it offers so much growth and versatility in patient care. Now that I have matured, I am more adamant to pursue a career in radiography. I wish to be part of the group of devoted men and women who dedicate their lives for the welfare of their fellow’s health.

This is a vocation that best suits my interest and personality. I decided to apply for admission so that I may gain expertise and further experience that will enable me to exercise my interest and knowledge in my chosen endeavor—the Health Care industry. I believe that Chicago Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of the top teaching hospitals in the country and it would be an honor to be a part of the regimented radiography program you offer. Although I have already completed an Associates Degree in Administrative Business, I look forward to continuing my studies to prepare me and to keep me abreast with the fast-paced technological trend.

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I am currently a volunteer in my community and also in the process of volunteering in a health facility to be of service and to acquire more skills. I am confident that Chicago Northwestern Memorial Hospital will assist me in accomplishing my goals. Upon graduation, I can picture myself working proficiently in hospitals, clinics, or health facilities and agencies. In these different areas, I can apply my knowledge and clinical skills. I understand very well that the training and knowledge that I may acquire in this line of work is of great benefit to the community.

I am also aware of the possibility that I may not get accepted into this program. If ever that would be the case, I see no harm in submitting again an application until the university realizes that I am person determined to pursue his goal and may even be an asset to the institution. I understand that as simple as it may seem, a career in radiography carries with it great responsibility and requires utmost devotion and determination. It is my aspiration to gain knowledge and expertise in this field to be of efficient service. I believe that every man has his own destiny.

And in my heart, this is what I am committed to pursue. I certainly gained deeper realization as I understand my role as part of the next generation. I am a responsible and a highly committed person. It is also my belief that one’s values and intentions are very important in a profession. I wish to fulfill this endeavor not just to achieve personal success and security for my family but to also have the opportunity to practice a profession that is valuable and significant to modern society. That objective alone establishes sufficient motivation for me to go through this challenge.