Write a 150- to 300-word summary of the economic, social, and political standings of that group. Use additional resources if necessary, from the University Library or your textbooks. Provide citations for all the sources you use. Asian’s are a minority group in the United States. However, they do make up about 1. 3 million or more in New York and California. They receive very little media notice socially. When it dealing with a political stands they have been active in own their ways. None have become president in the United States. Asians tend to be more on the Democratic side of politics. In Asian countries they have forms of government.

For example in Korea they have an Ambassador. They are looked at as well educated to most. We have many Asian doctors within the United States. In the United States society Asians are known for their foods and culture. They are also well-known for their ways of health, such as acupuncture and meditation. They also believe in Buddhism as a form on religion. Asians in the United States tend to be less religious than others in different racial groups (Richard T. Schaefer, 2012). Part II Answer the following in 50 to 150 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use. What is racism? In what ways does racism affect diversity?

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Racism is believing that one race is better than another race. It is a way of treating other races poorly. Racist tend to treat their own race better. The affect racism has on diversity is it would keep other races out of towns or even counties. This can even happen in the workplace (Richard T. Schaefer, 2012). How do racial groups interact in contemporary America? Are interactions positive, negative, or neutral? Support your response using proper citations. To me, I think it is based on where you live and who you are. I love diversity. I love to learn about other cultures. I have mix of friends. So I am positive about it.

Racial Diversity in Society Worksheet EssayNow there are other’s that do not feel this way. They do not like to interact with other races. They are more on the negative side. However, you have the people in the middle who just don’t are one way or the other. Are there existing social inequities based on race? Why or why not? Some say yes and others may say no. People argue that the White race has more money and can get better attorneys. They have better ways of getting out of crimes. Other’s may say the minorities commit or crimes and this is why they are in jail. They may also say the minorities are in more gangs and drug than the White race.

What do you believe to be the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination in today’s society? I believe the causes of racial prejudice and discrimination in today’s society is based on Ignorance, misunderstanding of cultures and customs, bad experiences, and environment. Really there is not just one answer, but many. I also think the media has much to do with this in the way they talk about other counties when something happens. Also people are just rude. They laugh or joke about things they do not understand instead of educating themselves and their families.