1. What is political socialization? What is your political socialization? (This means how do you feel about government and politics? What is your level of involvement in politics and government?)

Political socialization is defined as “a concept concerning the “study of the development processes by which children and adolescents acquire political cognition, attitudes and behaviors.” (Wikipedia) When a person is born their parents view help to develop and their views. Because it is our parents who teach us and direct us it is our parent view in which develop. From generation to generation there are some norms that are passed along and your political cognition is included in these. It is not until we are exposed to society that we learn that there are other views and opinions different from what we have been taught.

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My general feeling about political socialization is one that I have watched and listened to my family discuss the issue and at hand. I am democratic, which is the tradition of my family for many generations. I feel that it is the issue that count and not the person that is usually running for office. I also feel that in order to really understand the political socialization one must first understand the laws that govern and be involved or monitoring what’s doing on in government on a daily basis. Up to this point the only involvement that I have had in politics and in government has been

2. How are/were you politically socialized? (Using the agents of political socialization, address each area fully.)

The settings in which the agents of political socialization occur are: family, school, church and friends

• Family

• School - It is with in school where a person learns the steps involved in any political

• Church -

• Friends

In the family setting

In the school setting a person is exposed to other governmental view from different walks of life. Economics and government are taught

In the church setting depending on your religion, a person is either; liberal, independent, democratic, or republican. The tern separation of church and state comes to mind when you look at the church, which is a metaphor which meanings the state staying out of church business. While politicians are covering churches get their faces seen and known the church As democratic is usually labeled as being poor or catholic.

Your friends

3. Identify at least 3 reasons (based on factual data) for the failure of Americans to be actively engaged in politics and government. Why are Americans poorly informed about governmental issues? Are Americans proactive or reactive to issues in American society, such as the economy, healthcare, and foreign affairs?

Three reasons for the failure of Americans to be actively engaged in politics and government would be:

( No direct history of family involvement in politics and government

( Lack of interest or attitude in politics and government due to their cognitive attitude or behavior

( Don’t want the government investigating them

I feel that American is poorly informed. This is due to the information being received is being given by politicians They lack of being informed because there are too many opinions about any given issue and the views being shared don’t present all but only one person’s own interest.

4. What is your conclusion about whether you believe being actively engaged in government and politics is essential to a “successful” America? What are some consequences for not having an actively engaged, informed public if Americans continue the current trend? What recommendations do you have to engage the public fully in governing or is this not necessary?

I conclude that a person should be actively involved in government and politics and that this is essential for the welfare of America. Americans are poorly involved with government issues and jump in and out

Some of the consequences for not having an actively engaged or informed public if Americans continue the current trend:

The recommendations I have to engage the public fully in governing