Filipinas tells the story of a family separated by rifts and conflicts. Flor Filipinas summons her children in an effort to unite the family once more. The plan unfortunately backfired, for her children still holds resentment against each other. Past hurts and grievances then surface, a tense atmosphere of conflict hangs in the household. Things get worse when the Flor’s health fails and she slips in a coma. The siblings become one in praying for health. Setting: The setting is recent.

Characterization: Yolanda - played by Maricel Soriano. She is the eldest among the siblings. She manages the household and takes care of the needs of widowed and aging mother. Flor - played by Armida Siguion Reyna, the mother who was trying to keep the family together Clara - played by Dawn Zulueta, is an OFW. Went back home to the Philippines and finds herself estranged from her child Eman - played by Victor Neri is an activist, advocating himself to his cause or issue vigorously.

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Samuel - played by Richard Gomez, is a U. S. immigrant. Vicky - played by Aiko Melendez. A business woman whose business barely copes with the country's economic instability. Narciso - played by Wendell Ramos, is a military officer. He squeals on corruption within the military. He gets assigned to Basilan and is killed in action. Ramesh - played by Raymond Bagatsing, the husband of Vicky. Analysis: Filipinas is a movie that focuses on the Filipino way of life, traditions, and traits.

How Filipinos come together in times of complication. It sends the message that no matter how dire the state of affairs of the Philippines, our country, we should not lose hope and do what we can to save it. It also reflects the everyday struggle of Filipinos and OFW’s around the world. Insights: The film Filipinas showed that no matter how bad the situation is, it is important for families to stick together and overcome adversities. It also showed the state and the way OFW’s live abroad. Conclusion:

Filipinas is a must see and a very significant because finally there is a film that carries with it a view that OFW’s all over the world are fed up in serving other people in other countries and compromising their relationships with their own families. It also verbalizes the beliefs that push a more intense view of the country's situation. It also shows the Filipino’s heart in dealing and coping with hard times and overcoming adversity. Recommendation: The film could have focused more on the struggles of our country and our OFW’s. It could have also shown the state of politics here in the Philippines.