This company is owned by my stepfather, Philip Dadds and is a company that designs the structures of buildings or the interior design. They are a company that can design a building from scratch or can simply change a feature of an existing one e. g. convert an attic, or add a conservatory. It also provides site surveys, concept and detailed designs, planning approval and building regulation. The company has been doing this for fifteen years now and started off from scratch. Philip Dadds the owner used to be employed in the Medway area, which was his first job.

He decided to set up his own company in 1987 because he wanted to be his won boss and because he was given the opportunities by people to do so (offered him work). At first Philip went into partnership with a man called Brian Paige. Brian Paige is a surveyor and the two decided that their services would complement each other. This partnership continued until last year when both broke up and went their separate ways. Now Philip works with his group of staff in their office in Ramsgate. The way in which this company provides their service is by providing the necessary designs or building regulations that their clients need.

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They do this by asking the clients what they want first in their introduction meeting, giving them a rough estimate of what it will cost and how long it will take for the job to be completed (design and construction). Then they take the specifications of the client and make a concept design. This will show the client how the finished work will look. If the client is then happy with that then the architects must go and survey the site to get a rough idea on what they have to work with.

After this they go back to the office and begin to design the given job. Once the design has been created they will take the initial ideas back to the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the way that the design looks then Philip will go to his office again and produce a final design. One the final design is completed it will be checked by the customer and then sent to the council or appropriate authorities for planning permission. Once planning permission has been granted then the plan can be given to the builders so that they can start building.

All of the way through building Philip or one of his employees will visit the building site in order to make sure that all is going to plan. When the customer gets the final design in hand they then have to pay Philip through cash, cheque or credit card. All of the paper work that goes with a job has to be kept for at least seven years for legal reasons and so that Philip can protect his company if anything goes wrong with the building. All of these records are currently kept in a huge filling cabinet in their own separate folders.