I) About every 8 seconds, there is an animal being euthanized because it can’t find a welcoming home, but if we were to be more informed on pet abandonment, maybe we could prevent that. Pet abandonment is a problem because of how many animals are being harmed from it, why it’s happening, and how we can prevent it.

II) The first issue is the amount of pets that are abandoned.

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A) Every year, there are at least 5-7 million animals put into animal shelters. 1) This is a problem because many animal shelters are already pushing the limit with how many animals they are taking in 2) They are running out of room and struggle with money to provide for them, without our help and donations, it becomes serious. B) It starts becoming worse when they have to euthanize, or put down, the animals 3) Out of all of the animals, over half of them have to be euthanized. 4) 60% of all dogs and 70% of all the cats are euthanized. This means 2-4 million animals are killed a year just because they can’t find a loving home.

III) This brings me to why it’s happening.

C) Many people don’t spay or neuter their pets when they get them 5) This means that if they’re pet has puppies or kittens on accident, they now have to provide for them and find all of them good homes. 6) Although sometimes, it’s not an accident. They’ll breed they’re pets trying to make money, and when they can’t sell them and find them homes, they abandon them to the streets or take them to animal shelter D) Another reason why it happens is some people just can’t handle responsibility. 7) In some cases, people will think they want a cute little puppy or kitten, but when they realize how much of a commitment it is, they want to get rid of it. 8) If that’s not the problem, then sometimes people have personal reasons that cause them to have to get rid of it. They may not be able to provide for it and care for it properly, or sometimes it may even go deeper than that.

IV) By just a few simple changes, this can be prevented, or at least made better.

E) Get your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible. 9) By doing this, it prevents accident that we aren’t prepared for. We don’t have to worry about finding homes for other animals which means less animals sent to the animal shelters and less animals killed. 10) Don’t breed your animals for money. There are people who know what they’re doing and can pretty much guarantee homes for the litters that they bred who do it for a living, so don’t do it for just a little extra money. F) Another way we can save the animals from being euthanized is to be sure we’re ready for the commitment and responsibility of having an animal. 11) If you’re sure and committed, then go to an animal shelter and adopt. There are animals there that are dying to be loved, literally. 12) So instead of buying from a breeder, or even worse, someone who hardly knows what they’re doing, go to the animal shelter.

V) Hopefully you can see why pet abandonment is such a problem. And next time you’re thinking about getting a pet, take a visit to the Muncie Animal Shelter. There are pets there that need love and affection, and I’m sure they’d love to go home with you.