Personal responsibility does not automatically make me successful, but it can be the driving force for my accomplishments. No one else can make me achieve my goals because I am accountable for the results in my life. This paper will cover personal responsibility and what it means to me, its relationship with college success and strategies for practicing personal responsibility relating to my education. Personal Responsibility and What it Means to Me The term “personal responsibility” can appear self explanatory.

When looking deeper, there are many aspects to becoming personally responsible. I believe there are many choices I can make that pertain to the success of my career. While looking at the goals that need to be accomplished to reach that level of success, there needs to be a great deal of determination and concentration. I believe this is an immense part of personally responsible. According to Schweinle & Helming (2011) “It seems likely that the experience of and motivation for challenging tasks will vary among students, as their ability levels and goals vary. ” (p. 30). What this means to me is personal success can comprise of many levels.

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How successful I want to be ultimately will determine how many stages I need to go through to have them accomplished. This success is my choice because I am responsible for the results in my life. When I am willing to assume responsibility for the quality of my education, I can create the future of my dreams. Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success “Knowing where we want to go increases the probability that we will arrive at our destination. ” (Ellis, 2011, p. 3)

If I am striving for a particular position or have a desire to be in a specific field of study, it is necessary to determine specific qualifications for it to be achieved. It is considered you have a higher chance of receiving not only a job but also a higher paying one if you have a college education (DeJong, 2000). Individuals can set goals but will only achieve what they desire. Each person has his or her own level of objectives and incentives to make college education a success. Personal responsibility can be the driving force for your accomplishments.

Then again, just because you complete your school plans does not automatically make you successful. You may attempt going to college to receive a bachelor’ or masters’ degree and not succeed. The only person who can be responsible for completing school or giving up on your education is you. Fertig, J. (2011) believes success can be achieved without a college education and that more people are changing traditional success by not attending a traditional college. You must decide if you want the responsibility that comes with a large, time-consuming education, or desire to learn a trade.

When this decision is complete, it is wise to start with creating goals and deciding what is best for your personality. Strategies to Practicing Personal Responsibility Relating to Education I agree with Ellis (2011) when he states “Discovering what we want makes it more likely that we’ll attain it. ” The first objective when panning your education is deciding what path of education you want to obtain. If you decide to take the traditional route and attend college, you need to decide what fields interest you and fulfill your desires.

Completing the Career Interests Profiler with University of Phoenix confirmed my strengths and weaknesses determine a selection of well matched positions. Throughout my college career, I have changed my concentration of study three times. This may become necessary after completing your prerequisite classes. Thinking a line of work is interesting does not always turn out to be the same after you are in those core classes. Your dedication to obtain the type of education you desire and engaged in every class you are assigned can only help your future and career.

Conclusion Even though being personal responsible does not make you successful, personal responsibility can be the driving force for your accomplishments because no one else can make you achieve your goals. Only you can be accountable for the results in your life. Dedication, hard work, and a well planned course for your career plan will strengthen your chances for a successful profession. No one else can make you truly successful; that is part of your own personal responsibility.