My seven years of working in HMO as a marketing manager has made me gain a lot of skills and experience. Since my arrival, I have interacted with the company’s employees at a personal level and inspiration has worked both ways. The employees have been a source of inspiration to me in as much as I have been to them. My top notch in the marketing area has given me the ability to be able to plan and put business strategies into execution. I have employed the use of analytical tools and metrics in order to understand the market.

The solid comprehension of the trends in the market has helped me develop goals to meet my goals. My success as a marketing manager depends on my core values. I possess a strong vision that helps me to be able to accomplish the company’s brand requirements. A good vision is required for such a position as mine since the success of the company depends on the on how well the marketing manager can be able to articulate the vision to stakeholders and business partners.

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Embracing this vision to other employees is as important as having it. Another core value that I have developed in my position is that of passion. My passion for the company and its brands ensures the accuracy of the messages I echo in marketing while ensuring that the company’s vision is shared. As a marketing manager, I need courage critically to enable me lead my team. My courage is complemented by prudence and temperance. I am able to have foresight of the virtuous things in the company that can be suitable as well as profitable.

Prudence helps me to know what decision to implement and what decision to put a hold on in the company. Through my temperance, I am able to practice moderation, balancing the competing interests. I do not use this value to search for evenness in order to support my status quo. I apply the value of temperance in balancing things in the company, discipline in investment’s innovation returns. Some of the achievements that I have managed to make in my career line up to date include having tutored an average of three hundred students in the rubrics of research.

The students include those from Nursing, Languages, arts as well as sciences. I have also taken up the responsibilities of collecting literature material to assist in Graduate Research Programs. I have overseen the access of electronic resources for off-campus nursing students doing cohort studies. The resultant fruits of the success of the research were displayed at the 2010 regional science conference. As I grow in terms of experience development, I realize the areas that I need to place emphasis on and plan to place more focus on the areas.

My key philosophy as a Librarian is to help students connect with the relevant information in a setting that is pedagogical thus, instilling the methodologies of research. To perform this, I must have the skills of a teacher, not merely those of hunting and gathering information. Every assignment and reference is an opportunity to instruct the class or individual student on the inductive and deductive methods of researching. In this age that is surrounded by technology, the process is facilitated by proficiency in IT skills.

Therefore, I strongly believe that a librarian whose literacy of computers is wanting cannot handle the cropping issues such as formatting in the research environment. I am therefore on the verge of sharpening my skills in IT and making myself proficient with its related applications, hardware and databases. I am in the process of developing my abilities in a myriad ways. First, am making use of the pedagogical workshops that are offered by the institution I work for. I have also taken some online activities on websites.

By the end of the year, I will be conversant with applications like Dreamweaver, online catalogues and many more. These are some of the applications that are useful for a librarian. In addition to the activities that I am involved in the institution, I am proud of the progress I have made in publishing an article in one of the librarians journals. I have also made contribution to several e-stream book reviews. Besides publication works, a have disseminated some of the themes in my publications in discussion panels on information literacy in workshops for librarians.

However, am taking great caution that I do not become greedy in my quest for personal development and forget the need to contribute to the development of the community around me. At this juncture, I believe that I have established a good foundation from which I can expand my career, achieve scholarships and contribute to the community. I am hoping to be involved more in building people’s capacity in the community about the need for research methodologies. Any assistance that I can offer to the community with regards to the knowledge I have gained will be a fulfillment from my part.