Many technological advances have been made throughout history making life easier, one of which is the computer. Computers have changed the world, as a lot of things can now be done through computers. Computers are everywhere used in the business, in the education and in the hospital for operating the surgrey or other operation. They are very useful to us as they can be used for many purposes. They have come to play an important role in our daily lives. So, we can say that the 21st Century is the age of computers and every student should have the knowledge of computer.

The impact of computer on our society as I will base my points on the positive and negatives effects that the use of computer has brought to with it. We all know that computers are used by business people and organizations, hospitals, schools churches, security firms and international humanitarian bodies. Computers have become an integral part of the education as they allow students and teachers access to information, show students real world, help in research projects, and prepare for their jobs. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge.

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In the traditional model, people learn from other people such as parents, teachers, and employers. Many forms of printed material such as books and manuals are used as learning tools. Today, educators also are turning to computers to assist with education. Many schools and companies equip labs and classrooms with computers. The advent of computers has revolutionized the workplace and redefined operational practices. The use and deployment of computers, computer systems and information technology (IT) applications in every aspect of business is now commonplace.

The recent application and adoption of Web-based, information and telecommunication technologies has force-multiplied the capabilities and benefits of computers. Businesses are using Internet communication technologies, networking and relevant software to enable workers and professionals to collaborate and work across locations and geographical boundaries and streamline work-flow management. All businesses investing in computers and IT systems look to leverage the Return on Investment (ROI) parameter.

Long-term planning and allocation of resources for IT are helping organizations to take up ambitious business expansion activities, channelize workforce productivity. Implementing Computers into surgery is a new and exciting area of study. It has been only in the past 20 years that computers have started to be incorporated with surgery. Doctors could travel though menus in the abstracts and eventually targeting a solution, procedure, or cause of illnesses. This made the time it takes to flip through pages and pages of medical journals and textbooks less expansive and cumbersome.

Doctors have now gotten to the point where laptops are brought into surgery and are used to aid doctors and nurses. Instead of saying “Nurse, scalpel,” surgeons ask their nurses to find information on the laptops. Besides holding information, Computers can also be used to manipulate tools and other things in the operating room. Mechanical arms are often used to perform procedures. Sometimes a computer is used to navigate cameras inside of the human body in order to locate tumors and blockages.

Computers are also used to analyze images taken before surgery. Dr. Ninian Peckitt uses software to analyze a CAT scan images in order to understand his patient’s skull. The program in the computer actually directions for making full size replicas of patients heads. There is a huge advancement being made as far as computer are used in daily life. From holding information, analyzing problems, delivering solutions, to performing given task, computers are the next step in life of human being.