Based on the statistics, the Palestinians have been clearly at a disadvantaged predicament. The Israelis are far more superior that their counterparts in every aspect. The death toll figures alone are shocking to the senses. In addition, it propounds a question in the mind of reasonable and prudent man how Israel could have received so much financial assistance from the U. S. as compared to that received by the Palestinians when the former had been targeted with so much U. N. resolutions. Furthermore, it is unjust that Israel built 223 settlements within Palestinian land when the Palestinians do not have any on Israeli land.

I have come across six books, which presents this idea: Palestinians are cowed and forced to retreat by Israel’s intimidating stance. Basically, these six books pose a similar theme: they describe how Israel manoeuvred its way into Palestinian territory, running over everything in its path and ruthlessly cleansing any Palestinian heritage left over this land. In addition, the Israelis made extraordinary efforts to efficiently cover up this monstrosity of which a great majority of Palestinians were deprived of their homes. Furthermore, the book “The Israel Lobby” illustrates how the U. S provides support to Israel despite these atrocities committed to the Palestinians.

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According to the review, the book contains a narrative of how the U. S. foreign policy is so shaped to work in a pro-Israel direction. Moreover, in Jimmy Carter’s book synopsis, the book posits that there have been severe restraints on the free discussion on Israel’s actions due to the lobbying efforts of the American-Israel Political Action Committee. Thus, it would be akin to a “political suicide” for members of Congress to suggest that that Israel observe laws relating to human rights for Palestinians.

I found the creation of the State of Israel informative in relation to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. What boggles me is that why the U. S. government has given so much significance to advance Israel’s interest. The U. S. government had been so deeply involved in this conflict. For instance, the Israeli government has received support from the U. S. government, in terms of money and weaponry. Not only that, the U. S. government willingly shields Israel for its human rights violations. It’s no wonder why Israel has become a formidable force within the Arab lands. It has a strong ally.