What are the Outsourcing Ethics financial benefits to the organization and, ultimately, to the customer regarding the benefits of outsourcing in private industry? Does outsourcing improve responsiveness, quality, flexibility, and even provide a better focus on core business functions? For managers in private industry considering the benefits of in-house vs. outsourcing, the answers to these questions weigh heavily when making a decision on whether to outsource and that too with highest Outsourcing Ethics.

Within government, the guidebook to federal outsourcing is Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76, Performance of Commercial Activities, Aug. 4, 1983, which are in close agreement with these precepts of business and speaks specifically of achieving economy and enhancing the productivity of non-core functions.

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Why Outsourcing Ethics? All of these considerations are wonder-fully objective metrics in the world of business and government and greatly facilitate the decision on whether to out-source or not with full Outsourcing Ethics. However, these considerations are also somewhat cold and lack a humanistic element, especially for those employees who are being outsourced. The plight of the people being laid off are cause to wonder whether other considerations of Outsourcing Ethics, traditionally omitted from the balance sheet, should be examined -considerations such as Outsourcing Ethics.

Those who have studied Outsourcing Ethics seriously, or have even audited a single college course on Outsourcing Ethics know that on that particular subject, no end is in sight, and rarely is there an easy answer. A person can be buried very quickly under the works of the classical Greeks, and that does not even get you into the last 2,000years of ethical debate. Although no easy answers emerge, viewing outsourcing from the standpoint of a few ethical concepts is still an interesting undertaking. An Outsourcing Ethics disclaimer, however, is first required. The intent of this article is not to pro-vide a definitive answer, but rather a single opinion that will no doubt be subject to much debate.

The works of Niccolo Machiavelli are read today more out of curiosity than for any sort of ethical or moral guidance, even when we are talking about Outsourcing Ethics. That is probably a good thing, since Machiavelli believed: The ends justify the means. Today, the U.S. culture generally accepts: The ends do not justify the means. Further, we have a Bill of Rights and a healthy legal system designed to support that philosophy of Outsourcing Ethics. These Outsourcing Ethics can be seen diminishing day by day. However, there do seem to be a few exceptions in our culture, especially in corporate America and increasingly in government, where cost as an end is used to justify many decisions.