Surgical services will be on high demand in the near future. Some studies suggest that it will be as high as 15 to 45 percent by the year 2020. Shortfalls which are now present in the operating room like the lack of seamless integration of Surgical Assist System into surgery will increase in the future. Their routine in the operating room is hampered by the lack of appropriate integration technology and standards. It is therefore important for operating rooms to have good operating equipment and technology to make the work of the nurses and surgeons easier (Cook, 13).

Current advancements in information technology, communication, information, digital imaging, and robotics have helped in the development of new techniques in surgery. Surgeons are therefore able to carry out operations wich have better outcomes which include improved patient safety, shorter recovery periods, less pain and reduced costs. New surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery, robot assisted surgery and image-guided computer-assisted surgery bring new technologies into the operating room (OR) (Guinet, Chaabane, 54).

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Surgeons place great emphasis on the quality of lighting. They need equipment that provides effective illumination, enhanced integration and heat and shadow reduction. Manufactures have responded to these needs with lighting systems that can be integrated with video and monitoring equipment, ceiling mounted booms and independent cameras and routine control equipment (Guinet, Chaabane, 68). State of the art technologies like Minimal Invavive Surgery are important to the patients in various ways.

Surgeons carry out an operation by inserting surgical instruments, a light source, and an endoscopic video camera through keyhole incisions in the body near the surgical site and manipulating the instruments while viewing on the video monitors. They require smaller incisions, leave less scars and have less post-operatve discomfort. Also, they ensure fast recovery and consequently early return to home and work (Guinet, Chaabane, 76). Modern computer-aided techniques and robotic-assisted surgery in surgery use fluoroscopy, radiography, sonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging devices for better accuracy.

State of the art equipments in the operating ensure increased security for both the doctor and patient. Modern equipments are made in good ways ensuring that the doctors and patients are not injured. This is because the doctors do not have to use the traditional surgeon scissors on patients. Also, accidents such as sewing up needles inside a patient are avoided (Kanich, Byrd, 43). State of the art equipment also compliments the skills of surgeons and enables the entire surgical team to work more efficiently and safely.

Furthermore, the surgeons do not take a long time operating on a patient and this reduces the backlog on surgeries and eventually save a lot of lives. This in turn helps to improve the overall surgical management for hospitals. State of the art equipments are based on the concept of using the least amount of space in the operating room. Most operating rooms currently have so many equipments on the floor which puts most surgeons, techinicians and nurses at a risk.

However, with state of the art equipments, many procedures can be conducted with the minimum amount of equipments. This reduces the amount of inconvinience that the surgeons face and the amount of time taken in the procedure. Also, the possibility of making errors due to the requirement to use many instruments is greatly reduced (Cook, 21). Any worker in the world wishes to work in an environment where their work is done better and easily. State of art equipments adds to the motivation of surgeons, nurse and technicians to do a better job.

This in turn attracts more patients to the hospitals as they are then taken better care of. State of the art equipment reduces the vulnerability of hospitals to suits that come up due to claims of negligence during surgery as they promote better surgery procedures. This in turn reduces the costs incurred by the hospitals in paying up on suits. Operating rooms in the next generation will depend on the successful integration of new technologies and provision of safe working environment for staff.

The challenges associated with the current state of world economy will require that hospitals come up with technologies and equipments in the operating room that will do away with the old association of huge expenses to the operating rooms. Also, operating room equipment will be needed that ensures patients spend the minimum amount of time in the operating room to be able to go back to work and meet the current demanding environments at home and work. Workers can only function well if their environment is safe. This will have aan effect of improving patient care and also ensure that hospitals can be able to better maintain their staff.