An open tourism case is a kind of tourism that brings forth companies government institutions and individuals of communities together from far and wide to get to understand issues and concepts relating to open tourisms which is considered a future generation form of tourism that will enable companies do business. People whose talents are known all over the world when it comes to U-comers which is the current concept involving interconnection of computers telephone lines, including internet TPLS. Open tourism will involve touring areas with the aim of getting new information which will attract visitors to the area.

The visitors will be able to get information through navigation. U-tourism contains arrange of information services that gives a person planning to tour in wide variety of services. U-tourism involves planning touring and reminiscing. Tourism involves customers having a data management system in the office and then delivering data to the users through a way of sharing. A customer is said to be touring or carrying u- tourism when visiting the sides walking around museums attending something like food and wine vegetables within tourism are.

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Mobiles have taken a major role in making u-tourism an easy ting to do possible since it involves modern technology and the next generations’ forms of communications it is a modern form of business term that will overtake the E-commerce. Report The government is one of the funders of tourism activities in various parts of the world. The open tourism is one of the activities the government will involve themselves with. This is because of number of reasons; the government being the great user of information technology as well as the main funder of various project the government should participate.

Economically open tourism will bring out technology that is with other people and bring new ideas to the people. Most people will attend this open case tourism in large numbers. U-tourism or case tourism involves issues of u-commerce which stands for universal, unique unison and ubiquitous which is known as the use of ubiquitous networks to support personal and an interrupted communication and transaction in a firm and her various stake holders to provide value, above and beyond tradition commerce (Watson 2002).

The government should participate because it permitted that a few years from now there will be networks all over including GPS network GMS mobile systems Wi-Fi network Bluetooth. All these will come in a form of technology that is meant communication easier and suitable. Mobile users will be able to access information on internet because they will eliminate the use of computers. It is proposed also in the U-commerce there is an aim of converging this technology to produce a device that will be connected to the internet through a wireless network.

This is because internet has become one of the most important for communication in the world today. This service will have its uniqueness since the users will be able to access information independently from their own location, any time of the day regardless their status in the society for example, if a person visits Jommo Kenyatta international airport or head throw airport in London will receive SMs from tourism authority board of the country giving contacts of hotels and taxis. The system will also be able to integrate all the information required by specific user.

This form of project will deliver a lot of benefits to the government especially the ministry of tourism in Italy. Being a ministry of tourism the project will come with positive effects from the perspective of politics by inviting people form different countries to participate and attend such a project to give them a new technology there will be apolitical relationship between the participating countries therefore the country hosting the project by this country, that hosts the event will get heavy and many political relationships just because of good nurtured of the host.

This project which is arranged in order to give technology case will assist in politics. The event is just sustainable event that will enable people get to use technology in a proper way improving international and tourism. U-commerce being a new concept that is paying employed to enable communication take place easily is of great importance.