Modern society has given us more options for shopping than we ever had before. Instead of having to get in your car and drive to a store you can now go on the internet and shop at any store that you can drive to and even more. In this paper I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping to that of traditional shopping. Before the invention of online shopping, you would have to get into your vehicle and drive to the store, find a good parking spot, and walk through a crowded store, trying to find the things you need to buy.

Now, in the time it takes to click a mouse you can do all of that and more. Online shopping saves a great amount of time. Online shopping also allows you to shop at any time of the day. Therefore no more waiting for the store to open. With the way the economy is now and the high price of gas, online shopping saves you money. You don’t have to drive from store to store any more to do price comparisons. Instead, you can just find a price comparison website that will allow you to compare prices of things at different stores.

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There is also no driving to stores to find they don’t have the product that you need. If you’re not the kind of person that likes crowds or standing in lines then online shopping is for you. You can shop in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to deal with walking through an overly crowded store. No standing in long ridiculous lines or people getting in your way to drive you crazy. There are a few disadvantages to shopping online. If you learn how to work around it and protect yourself and your personal data they are not really disadvantages.

With the growth of technology there are things put in place to make sure that shopping online is save and fraud free. You might say that once you find what you are looking and start ordering, then you realize that with the shipping cost you are paying the same amount for the merchandize that you would if you went to the store. You might think that, but if you calculate the cost of the gas that it takes to drive to the store, or drive from store to store for price comparison you are actually saving money.

You might also think that with paying for your merchandize online, you have to use your credit card, and enter your personal information. This could cause a problem with credit fraud identity theft and etc. With the growth of technology this isn’t a problem anymore. Most online stores provide ways of insuring that your person information is safe, but to make sure of this is shop at sites that you know, for example, websites of stores you can drive to. What about the fact that you cannot try on the clothes or shoes that you purchase online?

If you’re not sure about or you’re new to online shopping that could indeed look like a real problem. Honestly, it is not a problem at all. A lot of the sites show you how to measure your body or feet so you can get the perfect size for you. In conclusion, online shopping has its advantages and its disadvantages but, if you really think about it, online shopping is better than the traditional shopping. As proved above a lot of the disadvantages now a day are not disadvantages you just have to know how to work around it and protect yourself and your personal data.