Schools are very essential in the student’s life it helps to educate students, promote morals and ethics, and give the knowledge that leads to a good decision making. Nowadays, Due to the budget deficit, large class room sizes, and curriculum efficiency schools start losing its value; however, all this can be solve with cyberschool. Cyberschool offer virtual learning, well developed computers program, and instant help for all student which guaranteed a enormous success.

While comparing cyberschool to regular school, I extremely support the idea that Cyberschools will create a better learning environment and provide a better education to prepare students to be successful later in life. Somone might argue that cyberschool lakes interaction and the use of technology make it so complicated for students to success.

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On the contrary, cyberschool offers online chatting, emails and instant contact with teachers and other students, which enhance their social skills, Clifford Stoll stated “Interactive chat sessions will encourage a sense of community and enhance kids; social skills”(Stoll in Nadell, Langan, Comodromos, 2011). Furthermore, Cyberschool uses easy technology that can be modified for each student’s level and allows room for mental development.

Like for a student in elementary school learning can be as easy as a mouse click, audio and video technology will guide students gradually to finish their homework and excel in their courses. Instead of waiting for help from a teacher, student can get instant help with well developed computer programs. Schools now face many problems, budget cuts, increasement of class room size, and curriculum deficiency; thus, his affect both teachers and students. For teachers, it causes them to stress financially and overwhelm them with classroom size.

Knowing that teachers are the main person responsible to deliver and promote education to the students, will surely minimize and restrict the learning process for students; however, with cyberschool students can enjoy education and get more attention. Clifford Stoll stated “Students will have fun because all information will be belt in games like Myst, Dungeon, or Doom ” (Stoll in Nadell et al. , 2011) They can play an educational game that can fascinate their attention and ultimately improve their skills.

They will not be subject to a teacher’s mood or experience. It will be all about them and their success. Regular school does not keep up with nowadays needs nor technology the best alternative will be Cyberschool. In a regular school, financial burdens, class size and standardized curriculum does negatively affect the student learning environment. Cyberschool is the only best solution to create a better learning environment and provide a better education to prepare students to be successful later in life.