Online and traditional classes are both ways to receive an education in college. They both help students to achieve their goals during their college years. In my experience with online classes, I have found that they are not any more difficult, or are they any easier. Some advantages for taking an online course would be the flexibility and convenience, cost, and the student/teacher interaction. Having self-discipline is important to succeed in online classes. Since one does not meet on a regular basis, its takes an organized and structured person to be able to manage their time wisely.

One advantage of taking an online course is the flexibility. The flexibility to do studying when convenient. I post answers to discussion questions throughout the week, do daily homework assignments, take weekly quizzes, and read my textbook all on line. My courses are accessible from any computer, any time or day of the week. I can do it from the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to rearrange my schedule and make sure I am in class on time. If trying to juggle between family, work, and school, it makes it a lot easier to be able to do my assignments at my own pace.

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I have the flexibility to complete my assignments anywhere as long as I have access to the Web. I can listen to online lecture late at night when the house is quiet, or during the day when everyone is gone to school and work. Instead of driving forty five minutes to campus five days a week, all I have to do is devote a few hours a day of my time to complete my assignments. The student/teacher interaction plays an important role in taking online classes. Some might think of this as a disadvantage.

In a traditional class setting the student has the ability to listen to the lecture, ask any questions that they might have, and take part in any discussions or demonstration. There is also a lack of social interaction with other students. Although, there are methods of communicating with fellow students and instructors in online classes the face to face interaction is not there. With online classes you are able to contact the instructor by phone, email, or through discussion boards.

The final major difference that plays an important determining factor would be the cost. Traditional classes typically do not cost any more expensive then online classes, but there is cost on travel expenses that come along with it. Not only do I have to pay for my tuition, and books, but there are travel expenses I have to pay for. The gas it cost me to get to and from campus five days a week, and the wear and tear on my car. With online classes I just have to buy my book that is required for that course.

The cost can be quite lower compared to traditional courses. As the virtual world expands in size many things have become possible that weren’t before. Virtual classes make higher education more accessible to people who would never have been able to pursue a degree in a traditional setting for whatever that reason may be. I feel that an online class is the best for me because it allows me to have a free and flexible schedule to give attention to the other cores of life. I would prefer taking an online class any day as opposed to taking a traditional class.