Since the introduction of the World Wide Web there have been major changes in all kinds of things from communication, information, business and advertising.

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Across the World and in the UK there has been an incredible increase in advertisers spending their advertising dollars to place ads online. There are many ways to advertise online and it is more interactive, making quickly grow as a top choice for advertisers.

“Online advertising has grown from being the smallest market sector in 2003 to the third largest in 2007, with a new high of £2,812.6 millions. This represents a 38 percent year-on-year like-for-like increase, taking the medium to a market share of 15.3 percent. [1]

There are many reasons for this increase one of the biggest being that “at least half of all e-commerce transactions arise out of search…users carried out1.4 billion search queries with over 80 percent resulting in click through to a web site.”[2]

Instead of strategically placing ads so someone interested in, for example landscape, can see them in a landscape magazine ads can now be placed so when someone uses a search engine your advertisement appears.  With the widespread use of search engines instead of directories and other past forms online advertising has shown to be one of them best ways to get business.

The way that the Internet allows users from all over the world to explore things at a low cost has made Internet advertising lucrative.  It is also cheaper because there are little to no printing and production costs involved. Also where magazine, newspaper and television advertisements only allow people to view the ads Internet ads are able to incorporate brand engagement that other forms of advertising cannot.[3]

There is more to Internet advertising also than just choosing web sites to advertise on.  There is also the boom of social media.  Social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and blogs are some of the world’s quickest growing businesses.  There is some much successful advertising coming from the widespread use of these forms of media that companies not ready to use it could suffer.

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