The Great Depression was a time of economic and social upheaval. The story Of Mice and Men exemplifies the struggles Americans faced. In this literary master peace the dreams of several characters are shattered. Lennie’s were crushed when he died at the end of the novel he never had his chance to see his and George’s dream house. George’s dreams were destroyed the day he had to kill his best and only friend. Also Curley and his wife’s dreams where shattered when Curley’s wife was killed at the hands of a confused and scared Lennie. Lennie was always causing trouble in Weed before him and George was chased out of town.

When they moved to the new farm he was still causing trouble. In Weed Lennie was accused of raping a girl but, he didn’t all he did was feel her dress because it was soft and Lennie likes soft things. All Lennie wanted to do was feel her dress he didn’t mean to scare her or hurt her. When George and Lennie moved to the new town and the new farm everything seemed to be going all right. It finiley seemed that George and Lennie would get their dream to “Live of ‘da fat of ‘da land” just like they always wanted (Steinbeck 13). At the new farm when Lennie met Curley’s wife she was pretty but George told him to stay away from her (Steinbeck 32).

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