Odysseus and Athena’s relationship can be very closely compared to that of Job and God due to the harmonious nature of their coexistence. In the Odyssey, Athena acts as a sort of protector for Odysseus. “I that am always with you in times of trial, a shield to you in battle…” (pg 368, ln356) She is constantly around during his journey to both guide and protect him. This is similar to the relationship between God and Job because of the constant care and observation. Even though Athena’s protection is much more direct towards Odysseus, God can also be seen as a sort of protector for Job.

Although God allowed Job to endure many harsh things, he was constantly keeping watch over Job. These two relationships are clearly similar due to how Odysseus and Job both worship their gods freely and without hesitation. It also seems relevant to me that in both the Hebrew bible and the story of Odysseus, the main characters are unconsciously compared to their higher beings. I believe in the Hebrew bible it is stated that God created man in his image. In the Odyssey, Athena expresses “No more of this though.

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Two of a kind, we are, contrivers, both. Of all men now alive you are the best in plots and storytelling. My own fame is for wisdom among the gods- deceptions too. ” (Pg 368, ln 350) It seems that both of these gods tend to favor the people that most resemble them. To me this is a tendency to prefer the people that they can best relate to. Relatibility usually connotated as a human characteristic, it is intriguing that the gods are sympathetic in this way. It is almost as if the gods envy the mortals more than the mortals envy their gods.